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Dual Internationalists: Players featuring for (Northern) Ireland and Other Countries

Dual Internationals -
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Aside from the many Irish Dual Internationals, there have only been two men to win official full international caps from the Irish FA and another country – Jack Reynolds of England and Cecil Moore for the USA.

Having said that, there have been many players to win caps or play representative fixtures for (Northern) Ireland and also for another nation. Some of these players are listed below. Also listed are some of those to have played in inter-league representative fixtures while playing in other countries.


Terry Moore travelled
to Mexico 86
with the Canada squad


  • Tommy Forde (South Australia Representative)
  • Alan Hunter (NI-born, Australian Full) wiki
  • Terry Moore (NI-raised, Canada-born and Full international, Irish League representative)
  • Caolan Lavery (Youth)

Jack Reynolds in his
England kit

The first player to have won full international honours for both (Northern) Ireland and another country was Jack Reynolds (5 Caps/1 goal for Ireland 1890-1891 and 8 Caps/3 goals for England 1892-97). Born in Blackburn, but raised in Ireland, Reynolds played for the Irish before his actual place of birth was discovered, at which point he switched allegiances.

  • Jack Reynolds (Full)
  • Willie Walsh (School)
  • Bill Hayes (School)
  • Billy McCracken (War-Time)
  • Lawrie Sanchez (School)
  • Kingsley Black (School)
  • Oliver Norwood (Youth)
  • Dominic Ball (Youth)
  • Peter Scott (Youth)
    Ollie Norwood,
    England Youth
  • Dean Holden (Youth)
  • Lee Camp (U21)
  • Jeff Whitley (Youth)
  • Luke Southwood (Youth)
(English) Football League [EFL] 
A number of Northern Ireland other players have played Inter-League football for whichever country they were employed in at the time (including Jimmy McIlroyDanny BlanchflowerNorman Whiteside and others).
  • Danny Blanchflower (1), Peter Doherty (1), Tommy Wright, Norman Whiteside, John McClelland, Jimmy McIlroy, Peter McParland (1), Reg Ryan (Div 3 North), Billy Cook (war-time)
Guernsey's Zico Black
  • Ryan Zico Black 
  • Chris Tardif


  • Allen McKnight (League)
    John Hill for New Zealand vs
    Scotland at 1982 World Cup
  • David Johnson (see also England, Wales and Scotland!)
  • John Hill (NI-born, NZ Full)
  • Noel Barkley (NI-born, NZ Full) wiki
  • Tony Ferris (NI-born, NZ Full) wiki
  • Willie Walsh (Auckland XI) [Walsh won representative honours in four different countries – (Northern) Ireland, Eire, England and New Zealand]
  • Dele Adebola (see also England)

Patsy Gallagher/Gallacher was part of the Scottish FA panel that toured North America. He scored 7 goals in 7 appearances, and his grandson Kevin would later win full Scotland caps.

Whitey McDonald similarly toured Canada with a Scottish XI.

In 1927 Bertie Manderson played for a "Scottish International XI" in a terstimonial against Bradford City. Similarly, Bertie Peacock played for "Scotland" in a 1958 testimonial against Hibernian.

Jimmy Nelson was born in Scotland but moved to Belfast at a young age when his father began working in the shipyard. Made his name with the then intermediate Crusaders before joing Cardiff City  and was selected for Ireland before his place of birth was discovered before the match. Subsequently played four times for Scotland, including against Ireland in 1925, and helped Cardiff to the 1927 FA Cup.

Dave Clements lines-up alongside
Pele, Bobby Moore et al for Team
America at the Bicentennial Cup
  • Brian McLean (Youth)
  • Patsy Gallacher (Scottish FA representative)
  • Bertie Peacock
  • Whitey McDonald
  • Bertie Manderson
  • Matty Kennedy (U21)
  • Jimmy Nelson (called-up)
  • Ned Weir (War-Time Scottish XI vs Eire XI)
  • Gary Holt (10 Scotland caps after call-up to NI B squad in 1999 before discovering he was ineligible. Also considered by Canada)

Scottish League 

  • Patsy Gallacher (2/1913-1924), Alex Craig (1/1915), Bert Manderson (1/1916) 


  • Dudley Milligan (representative)
  • Jackie Scott (IFA Amateur / South Africa representative)
Brian Quinn just missed
out on a place in the USA's
1994 World Cup squad 

Dave Clements represented the USA (as Team America) during the Bicentennial Cup in 1976 against Italy, Brazil and England. The Italian and Brazilian FAs regard their matches with Team America as Full internationals, but the (English) FA do not. No caps were awarded to the 'American' players.

  • Cecil Moore (Full, American Soccer League)
  • Dave Clements (Team America)
  • Brian Quinn (NI-born, US Full)


  • William Harrison (Ireland-born, 5 Wales Cap 1899-1901)
  • Jim Whitley (call-up in 1998, but opted for NI)


Anonymous said…
Where's Ted Sagar???
jcd said…
Good point ZK.

Legendary Everton 'keeper, Ted Sagar, won 4 caps for England, and made 5 appearances for the Football League. He also guested for Portadown during World War Two, and played for the Northern Regional (Irish War-Time) League against either the Army or Combined Services (can you confirm which?)

On a similar note, Jackie Milburn and George Eastham Junior both played for England and the Irish League. There are undoubtedly other cases.
Rich said…
There are three other dual internationalists for both Ireland teams:
Jimmy Kelly IFA 11/4; FAI 4/0
Christy Martin IFA 1/0; FAI 1/0
Ned Weir IFA 1/0; FAI 3/0.

Also, although Walter McMillen played for IFA, he did not play for FAI. It was Billy McMillan who was capped in 1946.
jcd said…
You are of course completely correct in all cases. Hopefully I would have spotted these errors/omissions when looking at these players in more detail.

I will update the list accordingly (thanks!).

Just a slight footnote, Billy McMillan played for (Northern) Ireland in the post-World War 2 Victory Internationals (but never won a 'full' cap), and was one of only a handful of Northern-born players to represent the FAI.
the_red_warrior said…
Ted Sagar played for the Regional league against the League of Ireland in 1940/41
jcd said…
Thanks RW. I've been intending adding a complete set of stats for inter-league matches (both War and peace-time) which will add more details on Sagar and many others.
Donal Cullen said…
Often overlooked in these times of players declaring for one country or another is the fact that ALEX BRUCE is the latest player to have played for both Ireland's (although I notice he still has to make an appearance in your excellent player profiles section).
jcd said…
Fair point, update to follow.

Alex's profile is linked from the current squad page. He'll get added to the alphabetical pages at the end of the year.