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22 February 1955

(Friendly match) BRITISH ARMY C-C IRELAND This match was arranged for 8th December 1954, but was postponed due to the pitch at Highbury being unplayable. It was re-scheduled for February, but once again cancelled and subsequently was not re-arranged. Referee: Venue: Highbury, London Goals: Ireland: Manager: Peter Doherty (Doncaster Rovers) Trainer:  Gerry Morgan (Linfield) (as named in December) N. Uprichard (Portsmouth); W. Cunningham (Leicester City), L. Graham (Doncaster Rovers), T. Casey (Newcastle United), W. Dickson (Arsenal), R. Peacock (Celtic), W. Bingham (Sunderland), J. McIlroy (Burnley), J. Blanchflower (Manchester United), C. Tully (Celtic), P. McParland (Aston Villa)* * McParland withdrew with Tully moving to outside-left and E. Crossan (Blackburn Rovers) brought into the line-up as inside-forward. (as named in February) N. Uprichard (Portsmouth); L. Graham (Doncaster Rovers), A. McMichael (Newcastle United), T. Casey (Newcastle United), W. Cunningh