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101 Players Who Broke The Kop - Northern Ireland's Greatest Players 1936-2017

Between now and the end of the year, the NIFG Twitter feed  will be publishing a regular feature on the greatest Northern Ireland players of the last 81 years, the 101 players most responsible for the Kop Stand shaking itself apart back in 2015! Selection for the list itself will of course throw up plenty of controversies. In selecting the players, a balance of talent and skill, on field impact across a career or in a brief moment and loyalty to the famous green shirt have been considered. These are all very subjective measures and will no doubt lead to plenty of discussion - keep it polite please! Of course this list could have been widened out to include all players that have taken the field to represent (Northern) Ireland since 1882, but the year 1936 has been selected as since then Windsor Park has been the exclusive "National Stadium for Northern Ireland" (aside from the brief period in the 1970s when "home" games were played in England and Scotland).