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Irish Dual Internationals

-  Dual Internationals - - Irish - Other Nations -  Opposition  - In the tumultuous years that followed the 'split' in Irish football along political lines, both associations claimed authority over the whole island, and the right to be considered the true "Ireland" football team. As such, many players represented both the Irish FA (what is now Northern Ireland) and the FAI (what is now the Republic of Ireland, but known initially as the Irish Free State, then Eire from 1937).  In more recent years the FAI have been taking advantage of the Republic of Ireland's citizenship laws and a number of Northern Ireland-born (and capped at various levels) players have turned out for the Dublin-based team. However, the first player of the modern era to have been awarded senior caps by both nations was Alex Bruce . Dublin-born "Dual International"  Jimmy Dunne in his IFA colours 1924-1957  The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) was formed in Dublin September