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Northern Ireland Schools International Kits

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For the 2023 Centenary Shield Northern Ireland's Under-18 Schoolboys' team took to the field in a Nike kit, possibly the first time a Northern Ireland XI has worn the US-brand. It also broke a two decade spell where the NISFA selected teams had worn the same kit (and badge) as the Irish FA's teams.

Prior to 2004 the NISFA had utilised a range of kit manufacturers and also took advantage of the SAFIB's rules permitting shirt sponsorship, which were at odds with FIFA's usual competition requirements.



The usual rugby-style jersey of the era was used by the Schoolboys' team through to the 1960s at least. The badge of the then-Irish Schools' Football Association was a rising sun motif. 


A new logo appeared, still in use today, featuring a red hand clasping a torch and surrounded by shamrocks was instroduced as the local school's organising body was renamed as the Northern Ireland Schools' Football Association.

1977/78 (Octopus?)


1981 (Octopus?/O'Neills?)

The 1981 kit was virtually identical to the senior team's
kit, but with two stripes rather than Adidas' famous three

1983 (Bukta)

1985 (Adidas)

The 1985 kit was identical to the
senior team's but with no badges

Esso sponsorship appeared during the 1980s through to the early 1990s.


1992 (Ribero)

1994 (Adidas)

1996 (Adidas)

1999 (Adidas)


2001 (Fila)

Northern Ireland's first Victory Shield win was achieved in a
Fila jersey in the same style as that worn by West Ham United

2002 (O'Neills)


2003 [?] (O'Neills)

shirt also worn unsponsored


2004 (Umbro)

Kit supply was commonised between the IFA and NISFA, though the Schoolboys were often a year-or-so behind in styles.

2006 (Umbro)


2008 (Umbro)



2010 (Umbro)


2012 (Adidas)

2014 (Adidas)


2016 (Adidas)

While the Under-15 Schoolboys team came under the remit of the Irish FA's "Club NI" set-up and later the IFA Academy, the Under-18 team remained the responsibilty of the NISFA. The IFA's sides' kits usually featured a JD Sports sponsorship roundel appeared in various sizes and locations, while the NISFA's teams were normally unsponsored.


2018 (Adidas)

The U18s won the 2019 Centenary
Shield in a standard IFA-issue kit


2020 (Adidas)

For the Centenary Shield the
U18 jersey featured the NISFA badge

2022 (Adidas)


2023 (Nike)

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