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The Millwall Connection

Players to gain (Northern) Ireland caps while with Millwall:

Tom Brolly..... 4
Bryan Hamilton. 4
Ted Hinton..... 2
Bill McCullough 1
Anton Rogan.... 1
Shane Ferguson
Conor McLaughlin
George Saville (still to make debut)

Other (Northern) Ireland players to have appeared for Millwall:
Andrew Sloan
Hugh Blair
Walter McMillen
Gerry Bowler
Pat Sharkey
Chris McGrath
Ian Stewart (on loan)
Gerry Armstrong (on loan)
Terry Cochrane
Aidan Davison
Kingsley Black (on loan)

Other links:
Joe Dolan (Under-21)
Brendan Mullan (Under-23)
Jimmy Nicholl was manager of the Lions from 1996-1997 with Martin Harvey as his assistant.
Paddy Sloan (War-Time guest)