22 January 2012

Northern Ireland Junior Friendly Match Details (Scotland & Wales)

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15 February 1890
Hibernian Park, Oatlands, Glasgow
Scotland 11
Ireland 0
NIR: Matthews (Linfield); Jordan (Linfield), Dunwoodie (Ulster) capt, Gordon (Linfield), Miller (Glentoran), Torrans (Linfield), Steel (Glentoran), Whittem (Linfield), Halliday (Botanic), McKelmont (Ulster), Nicholson (Linfield).
Note: Scotland wore dark blue; Ireland wore light blue

14 February 1891

Ulsterville, Belfast
Ireland 1
Scotland 1
NIR: McClelland (Linfield); Jordan (Linfield), McConville (Newry Wanderers), Warrington (Linfield), D. Brown (Down Athletic), R. Torrans (Linfield), Mooney (Milltown), T. Torrans (Linfield), Ferris (Milltown), Emerson (Down Athletic) McCabe (Ulster), King (Ligoniel), Nicholson (Linfield)
Notes: On the morning of this match the Belfast Newsletter noted that R. Torrans (Linfield) had replaced Mooney (Milltown) and Emerson (Down Athletic) as having replaced McCabe (Ulster). This contradicts the line-up as published in the SJFA Centenary History which included the implied "original" line-up. 
Also mentioned among the squad in other sources were Condy (Ligoniel) and Whittem (Linfield Swifts).

13 February 1892
Douglas Park, Hamilton
Scotland 6
Ireland 3
NIR: Scott (Cliftonville); McConville, H.J. McConville (Newry), Wilson (Cookstown), Gordon (Linfield), Lynas (Wesley), McCoy (Newry), Dalzell (Linfield), James (Rifles), Turley (Linfield), Alexander (Cliftonville)
Notes: Ireland wore royal blue, Scotland wore dark blue

12 February 1893

Cliftonville, Belfast (Att: 3000)
Ireland 1
Scotland 4

10 February 1894

Broomfield Park, Airdrie
Scotland 6
Ireland 2

9 February 1895

Grosvenor Park, Belfast
Ireland 3
Scotland 4
NIR: Snipe (Cliftonville Olympic); Cochrane (Milltown), Parkis (Ligoniel), Toale (Milltown), Howard (Linfield Swifts), Baird (Ligoniel), McLaughlin (Milltown), Chichester (Moyola Park Res.), Devlin (Milltown), Martin (Cliftonville Olympic), Green (R.I.C.)

11 March 1899
Grosvenor Park, Belfast
Ireland 1
Scotland 0

James Douglas c.1910
(Ards & Ireland Junior goalkeeper)

14 March 1908
Celtic Park, Glasgow
Scotland 3
Ireland 3 (McKnight, Press, Bennett)
NIR: Donnelly (Cliftonville Olympic); Neely (Cliftonville Olympic), Bennett (Glentoran II), Hagan (Barn), Lowry (Portadown), Williamson (Cliftonville Olympic), Wright (Portadown Celtic), Hull (Cliftonville Olympic), McKnight (Glentoran II), McAuley (Cliftonville Olympic), Press (Dunmurry)

18 March 1911
Cliftonville, Belfast
Ireland 1
Scotland 1
NIR: Craig (Glenavon); Nelson (Mountpottinger), McLarnon (Black Diamonds), Wright (Derry Institute), Scruggs (Glentoran II), Frew (Cliftonville Olympic), McSherry (Belfast Celtic II), Neville (Chapelizod), McLaughlan (Barn), Connor (Derry Guilds), Thompson (Cliftonville Olympic)

16 March 1912
Cappielow, Greenock
Scotland 2
Ireland 0

26 March 1913
Ireland (2)3 (Crone, Morrow, Hafter)
Scotland (0)
NIR: Mehaffy (Queens Park); Nelson (Belfast Celtic II), McDade (Distillery II), Bennett (Cliftonville Strollers), Scraggs (Glentoran II), Magill (Portadown), Jameson (Dublin Seaview), Crone (Belfast Celtic II), 
Morrow (Dublin Tritonville), Hafter (Dublin Trojans), Hogan (Portadown)

21 March 1914 
Firhill Park, Glasgow (att: 11,000)
Scotland 2
Ireland 1 (Devlin)
NIR: Mehaffy (Queens Park); Moore (Forth River), McDade (Belfast Celtic II), Rankin (Ulster), Devlin (Belfast Celtic II), Kearns (Clarence), McCluskey (Linfield Swifts), Rafter (Trojans), Maulsand (?) (Derry Institute), Johnstone (Cliftonville Olympic), Stewart (Broadway)

11 March 1916
Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 2
Ireland 0
NIR: Liddell (Glentoran II); Calhoon (Linfield Swifts), Moore (Ormiston), Bennett (Glentoran II), Neville (Chapelizod (?)), Cook (Ormiston), Shields (Strandville), McLaughlin (Glentoran II), Sheridan (Strandville), Adair (Ormiston), Robertson (Linfield Swifts)

24 March 1917
Ireland (1)2 (Bennett, Watters)
Scotland (0)0
NIR: Liddell (Glentoran II); Brady (Glentoran II), McMordie (Linfield Swifts), Bennett (Glentoran II), Houston (Forth River), McCluskey (Linfield Swifts), O'Byrne (Glasnevin), Watters (Dublin Olympia), Monroe (Frankfort), Quigley (Derry Distillery), Snape (Glentoran II)

13 April 1918

Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 1
Ireland 0
NIR: Briggs (Distillery II); Brady (Glentoran II), Daly (Dublin Olympic), Hoban (Richmond Asylum), Kirkwood (Glentoran II), Thomson (Crusaders), Kennedy (Dublin Olympic), Heron (?) (Dublin Olympic), (??) (Ulster), Johnston (Glentoran II), Smyth (Jacobs)


Ireland 0
Scotland 0
NIR: Brennan (Linfield Rangers); Begley (Oldpark), Watson (Crusaders), Simpson (Cliftonville Olympic), McBride (Oldpark), Addis (Cliftonville Olympic), Bothwell (Willowfield), Hamilton (Dundela), Trotter (Forth River), Murray (Brantwood), Clarke (Linfield Rangers)

17 March 1923
Scotland 4
Ireland 0
NIR: Dickie (Dundela); Bruce (Cliftonville Olympic), Gee (Dunmurry), Reid (Bangor), Todd (Barn), Lowe (Dundela), Kilpatrick (Dunmurry), McAvoy (Newry), Rodgers (Sandown), Taylor (Brantwood), Allen (Glenbank)

W. Haggan (1924/25)
(courtesy of Lynne Morton)
Ireland 2
Scotland 1
NIR: Magennis (St. Gall's); Holmes (Woodburn), Thompson (Bangor), Wilson (Bangor), Kirkwood (Willowfield), Sloan (Crusaders), Bothwell (Willowfield), Moore (Derry "A" S.), Morrison (United), Casey (Portadown C.), Hunter (Belfast United)

4  April 1925
Tynecastle, Edinburgh
Scotland 2 (Robertson, Scott)
Ireland 2
NIR: Johnston (Linfield Rangers); Holmes (Woodburn), Watson (Crusaders), Reid (Glentoran II), Kirkwood (Willowfield), McClure (Willowfield), Bothwell (Bangor), Curran (Woodburn), Hewitt (Willowfield) Falloon (Crusaders), McCaw (Brantwood)

Ireland 5
Scotland 3
NIR: McMinn (Brantwood); Fulton (Bangor), Flack (Crusaders), Goodall (Crusaders), Cathcart (Dundela), Laird (Sandown), Strange (St. Mary's), Falloon (Crusaders), Hewitt (Willowfield), Matthews (Crusaders), Hamilron (Dundela)

Scotland 3
Ireland 3
NIR: McFarland (Forth River); Vance (Crusaders), Flack (Crusaders), Gamble (Ballyclare), Kirkwood (Willowfield), Irvine (Dunmurry), Aiken (Dundela), Mitchell (Ormiston), Hewitt (Willowfield), Gough (Crusaders), McConkey (Cliftonville Olympic)

Ireland 2
Scotland 1
NIR: Campbell (Summerfield); Willighan (Willowfield), McIlwaine (Linfield Rangers), Conway (Willowfield), Kirkwood (Willowfield), McClure (Willowfield), Aiken (Willowfield), Young (Willowfield), Donnelly (Ards Utd), Webster (Dundela), Weir (Brantwood)

Tynecastle, Edinburgh
Scotland 3 (Kerr, Nelson, Marshall)
Ireland 1 (Gordon)
NIR: Black (Cliftonville Olympic); Crymble (Linfield Swifts), Dubois (Crusaders), Cochrane (Linfield Swifts), Quail (Broadway United), Laird (Dumurry), Magill (Queen's University), Moody (Linfield Swifts), Gordon (Dunmurry), Gough (Crusaders), Berry (Brantwood)

Celtic Park, Belfast
Ireland 3 (Gordon, Qualie (pen), Young) 
Wales 1 

Grosvenor Park, Belfast
Ireland 2
Scotland 2
NIR: Wallace (Broadway United); Crymble (Linfield Swifts), Dubois (Crusaders), Quail (Broadway United), Moody (Brantwood), McClure (Willowfield), Walker (Glentoran II), Hill (Dunmurry), Coulter (Dunmurry), Lyness (Dunmurry), Shaw (Willowfield)

21 March 1931
Tynecastle, Edinburgh
Scotland 4
Ireland 2
NIR: Whan (Glenavon Res.); McLaughlin (Linfield Swifts), Neill (Broadway United), Haire (Dunmurry), Quail (Broadway United), Boyce (Crusaders), Martin (R.U.R.), Wishart (Crusaders), Close (Charleville), Gough (Crusaders), Kelly (Carrick)

5 March 1932
Ireland 2 (Wallace, Moody)
Scotland 1
NIR: Moore (Belfast Celtic II); McLaughlin (Linfield Swifts), Neill (Broadway United), McCune (Linfield Swifts), Davis (Crusaders), Murphy (Belfast Celtic II), Brown (Belfast Celtic II), Moody (Dunmurry), Johnson (Gilford Crusaders), Priestley (Gilford Crusaders), Wallace (Cliftonville Olympic)

25 March 1933
Celtic Park, Glasgow
Scotland 5 (McLeod 4, Lyon)
Ireland 2

3 March 1934

Cliftonville, Belfast
Ireland  2
Scotland 2 (Devers)

Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 1
Ireland 0

7 March 1936
Grosvenor Park, Belfast
Ireland 4
Scotland 0

Ibrox Park, Glasgow
Scotland 3
Ireland 0


Cliftonville, Belfast
Ireland 3
Scotland 3


Tynecastle, Edinburgh
Scotland 3 (Thompson 2, Whyte)
Ireland 0
NIR: Galway (Sirocco); Patterson (Cliftonville Olympic), Irvine (Ballyclare Comrades), McWilliams (Belfast Celtic II), Vernon (Belfast Celtic II), Kennedy (Belfast Celtic II), McDondald (Belfast Celtic II), McIlroy (Sirocco), Cowan (Aircraft Works), Brownlow (Linfield Swifts), Nelson (Belfast Celtic II)

1939/40-1944/45 Not played

12 January 1946

Cliftonville, Belfast (Rcpts £827, a record for a junior international)
Ireland 3 (Kelly 2, Preston)
Scotland 2 (Johnstone, Steele)
NIR: McNulty (Ards II); Hunter (Cliftonville Olympic), McMichael (Linfield Swifts), Liggett (Linfield Swifts), Pike (Whitehead), Mitchell (Shankill YM), Nelson (Linfield Swifts), Kelly (Linfield Swifts), McMorran (Belfast Celtic II), McMaster (Queen's Island Woodworkers), Preston (Newry Town)

27 April 1946
Tynecastle, Edinburgh
Scotland 3 (McPherson 2, Johnstone)
Ireland 1 (McKnight)
NIR: McNulty (Ards II); Cully (Dundela), Simpson (Belfast Celtic II), Liggett (Linfield Swifts), Vennard (Ards II), Mitchell (Shankill YM), Lunn (Glenavon Res.), Kelly (Linfield Swifts), McKnight (Coleraine Res.), Beck (Dundela), Preston (Newry Town)
Note: Scotland won the inaugural Maley Cup 5-4 on aggregate.

7 April 1947
Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 2 (Goldie, Harris)
Ireland 2 (Jones 2 (1 pen)
NIR: McNulty (Dundela); Wilson (Dundela), Shaw (Glentoran II), Wilson (Belfast Celtic II), McFall (Dundela), McCarroll (Bangor), McStay (Newry Town), Kelly (Linfield Swifts), Jones (Belfast Celtic II), Beck (Linfield Swifts), McKeown (49th Scouts Old Boys)

6 March 1948

Cliftonville, Belfast. (Rcpts: £565)
Ireland 3 (Taylor, Crowther, McAlea)
Scotland 0
NIR: Uprichard (Distillery II); Tweed (Belfast Celtic II), Wilson (Distillery II), Beggs (Linfield Swifts), Todd (Brantwood), Newberry (Belfast Celtic), Dubois (Linfield Swifts), McAlea (Ballymoney United), Hughes (Larne), Crowther (Ballymoney United), Taylor (Ballymoney United)

26 February 1949
Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 1 (Middlemass (pen))
Ireland 0
NIR: Baillie (Belfast Celtic II); Stewart (Dundela), Lewis (Glentoran II), Smyth (Linfield Swifts), Murdock (Belfast Celtic II) capt, McMaster (Linfield Swifts) Graham (Linfield Swifts), Russell (Ballyclare Comrades), Davis (Crusaders), Dickson (Linfield Swifts), McVeigh (Distillery II)

18 February 1950
Grosvenor Park, Belfast
Ireland 2 (Irvine, Minford)
Scotland 2 (Boyd, Simpson)
NIR: Baillie (Distillery II); Stewart (Dundela), Barnes (Brantwood), Neill (Glentoran II), McFall (Linfield Swifts) capt, McCloy (Linfield Swifts), Minford (Ballyclare Comrades), Burnside (Linfield Swifts), Lowry (Glentoran II), Irivine (Albert Foundry), Waterson (Glentoran II)

17 February 1951
Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 4 (Browning, Beckett, Goldthorp, Keith (og))
Ireland 4 (Walker 2, Johnston, Neill)
NIR: Kinkead (Distillery II); Keith (Linfield Swifts), Stewart (Dundela), McLarnon (Ballyclare Comrades) capt, Caruth (Larne), Lyness (Ballyclare Comrades), Johnston (Larne), Minford (Ballyclare Comrades), Walker (Glentoran II), Scott (Linfield Swifts), Neill (Dundela)

23 February 1952
Windsor Park, Belfast (Att: 6000; Rcpts: £470)
Ireland 0(0)
Scotland 2(0) (Roy 2)
NIR: McCafferty (Brantwood); Graham (Linfield Swifts), Callan (Ulsterville), Brown (Crusaders Res.), Lynch (Glenavon Res.), McCurdy (Larne) capt, White (Larne), Curtis (Newry Town), McCullough (Brantwood), McKeegan (Ulsterville), Gallagher (Glenavon Res.)

31 January 1953
Firhill Park, Glasgow (Att: 13000)
Scotland 5 (Rae 2, Kelly, D'Arcy 2)
Ireland 1 (White)
NIR: Bond (Glentoran II); Graham (Linfield Swifts), Hughes (Larne), McCusker (Crusaders), Nixon (Linfield Swifts), McAuley (Brantwood), S. Nelson (Brantwood), Kelly (Brantwood), McCullough (Brantwood), White (Banbridge), Lowry (Glentoran II)

5 December 1953
Windsor Park, Belfast
Ireland 3 (Kennedy 3)
Scotland 1 (Greer (og))
NIR: Rea (Glenavon Res.); O'Neill (Glentoran Res.), Greer (Coleraine Res.), Moore (Coleraine Res.) capt, White (Linfield Swifts), McAllister (Crusaders Res.), Crozier (Cliftonville Oly.), Pinkerton (Linfield Swifts), Kennedy (Portadown Res.), Waterstone (Coleraine Res.), Dinsmore (Coleraine Res.)

12 February 1955
Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 1 (Murray)
Ireland 0
NIR: Rea (Glenavon Res.); Magee (Distillery II), McIlreavey (Coleraine Res.), M. Nixon (Linfield Swifts), White (Linfield Swifts) capt, Gaston (East Belfast), Hill (Linfield Swifts), Pinkerton (Linfield Swifts), Ervine (Coleraine Res.), Hughes (Cliftonville Oly.), Coulter (Portadown Res.)

18 February 1956
Cliftonville, Belfast
Ireland 1 (White)
Scotland 3 (Jackson 2, McAnery)
NIR: Kinkead (Linfield Swifts); Jones (Crusaders Res.), Harte (Banbridge Town), Millar (Glenavon Res.), White (Linfield Swifts), Gough (Crusaders Res.), Lowry (Coleraine Res.), Parke (Linfield Swifts), McCrory (Linfield Swifts), Pinkerton (Linfield Swifts), Smiley (East Belfast)

9 February 1957
Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 3 (Gillespie 3)
Ireland 2 (Trainor, McKeown)
NIR: Kinkead (Linfield Swifts); Gilliland (Linfield Swifts), McIlreavey (Coleraine Res.), Galashan (Queen's University), McKeown (Queen's University), McCreanor (Banbridge Town), Stewart (Ballymena United Res.), Fletcher (Banbridge Town), Blackwood (Distillery II), Keyes (Larne), Trainor (Chimney Corner)

21 February 1958
Grosvenor Park, Belfast
Ireland 2 (Cairns, Edgar)
Scotland 1 (Garvie)
NIR: Parkhill (Newry Town); Black (Newry Town), Doherty (Linfield Swifts), Kennedy (Distillery II), Bowers (Newry Town), Hughes (Glenavon), Ashe (Glentoran II), Cairns (Linfield Swifts), Edgar (Newry Town), Pinkerton (Glentoran II), Steele (Ballyclare Comrades)

24 January 1959
Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 5
Ireland 0
NIR: Kinkead (Larne); Leeman (Glentoran), Montgomerie (Banbridge), M. Magee (Larne), McCreanor (Banbridge), McCue (Dunmurry), Woods (Glentoran), Ellison (Ballyclare Comrades), Harding (Ards), S. Magee (Glenavon Res.), Wallace (Crusaders)

12 March 1960
Cliftonville, Belfast
Ireland 1 (Ellison)
Scotland 1
NIR: Kinkead (Larne); Orr (Larne), Ringland (Portadown Res.), McKeown (Larne) capt; Menary (Portadown Res.), Scott (Linfield Swifts), Ellison (Ballyclare Comrades), Fusco (Glentoran II), McCurdy (Coleraine Res.), Thompson (Portadown Res.), ?? (??)
Notes: One player missing from records

24 April 1961

Fir Park, Motherwell
Scotland 2
Ireland 0
NIR: McFaul (Coleraine Res.); Kennedy (Linfield Swifts), Campbell (Distillery), Andrews (Linfield Swifts), McRoberts (Linfield Swifts), Drennan (Glentoran), Halliday (Queen's University), Shields (Glentoran II), Nicholl (Crusaders Res.), Williamson (Linfield Swifts), Irvine (Dundela)

17 March 1962
Castlereagh Parks, Newtownards
Ireland 1 (K. Wilson)
Scotland 4
NIR: McAuley (Carrick Rangers); Burke (Carrick Rangers), Johnston (Ballyclare Comrades), Kearney (Glenavon Res.), Miller (Cliftonville Olympic), Beattie (Ballyclare Comrades), Halliday (Queen's University), K. Wilson (Glenavon Res.), Halliday (Ballymena Res.), Rankin (Queen's University), Todd (Glentoran II)

Firhill Park, Glasgow
Scotland 1
Ireland 1 (Pavis)
NIR: McFaul (Coleraine Res.); McBride (Glenavon Res.), Haire (Linfield Swifts), Burke (Distillery II), Chambers (Portadown Res.) capt, Darragh (Cliftonville Olympic), Campbell (Distillery) Pavis (Glentorans II), Guy (Linfield Swifts), Shields (Glenavon Res.), Irwin (Coleraine)

14 March 1964
The Oval, Belfast
Ireland 3 (Burke, Buick, McCluskey (og))
Scotland 6
NIR: T. McAuley (Ballyclare Comrades); R. Alexander (Portadown), A. Loughlin (Portadown), J. Burke (Distillery), G. Crothers (Portadown), T. Nixon (Linfield), L. Huddleston (Queen's University), K. Buick (Distillery), J. Calderwood (Larne), S. McCullough (Ballyclare Comrades), T. Shields (Queen's University)

13 March 1965
Scotland 3
Ireland 2 (Park 2)
NIR: McAfee (Coleraine); McCurley (Newry Town), Cully (Ards), Reid (Larne), Millar (Glentoran) capt, Lunn (Ballymena United), Law (Linfield), Wilson (Larne), Snowden (Portadown), Parke (Derry City), Norris (Derry City)

1 April 1966
The Oval, Belfast
Ireland 0
Scotland 2
NIR: Peden (Banbridge Town); Wright (Glentoran), Taylor (Distillery), Jackson (Glentoran), Parks (Glenavon), McCullough (Portadown), Law (Linfield), McManus (Glenavon), Dickson (Coleraine), Craig (Glentoran), Harron (Crusaders)

25 March 1965

Scotland 5
Ireland 5 (Morrow 5, Lunn)
NIR: I. Russell (Glenavon II); R. Borne (Glentoran II), T. Woods (Glenavon Reserves), T. Jackson (Glentoran II), W. McFarlane (Crusaders Reserves), J. Duffy (Derry City Reserves), G. Orr (Portadown Reserves), T. Morrow (Glentoran II), S. Lunn (Glentoran II) , W. Creaney (Distillery II), T. Craig (Glentoran II)

6 April 1968

The Oval, Belfast
Northern Ireland 3 (Ryles 3)
Scotland 3 
NIR: McGuile (Carrick Rangers); Johnston (Carrick Rangers), Maguire (Derry City), Hill (Glentoran), Scott (Glenavon), Bowyer (Linfield), McArdle (Crusaders), Dickson (Coleraine), Ryles (Carrick Rangers), Jamison (Crusaders), Sloan (Ards)


Newtown Park, Bo'ness
Scotland 2 (Budd (og), Sinclair)
Northern Ireland 4 (Moore (og), Lavery, Craig, Huston)
NIR: McGuile (Carrick Rangers); Davey (Coleraine), Hutton (Derry), Brown (Linfield), Bell (Dundela), Moore (Coleraine), Houston (Glenavon), Magee (Larne), Craig (Chimney Corner), McLernon (Coleraine), Lavery (Glentoran)

1970/71 Not played

17 April 1971

Western Park, Renfrew
Scotland 3 (Robertson, Nelson, Hastie)
Northern Ireland (McQuillan 2)
NIR: Corbett (Ballyclare Comrades) [sub: Stewart 64]; Turkington (Carrick Rangers), Quinn (Distillery II), McMaster (Coleraine Res.), Andrews (Newry Town), Peacock (Linfield Swifts), Ward (Derry City Res.), Thompson (Larne), Malone (Distillery II), Shannon (Glenavon Res.) [sub: Davidson 74], McQuillan (Larne)

1971/72-1977/78 Not played

25 November 1978

Inver Park, Larne
Northern Ireland 1 (Reid)
Scotland 1 (Chalmers)
NIR: Dunlop (Linfield Swifts); Higgins (Ballyclare Comrades), Best (Dundela), McMurty (R.U.C.), Thompson (Linfield Swifts), Cullen (Carrick Rangers), Reid (Carrick Rangers), McAnulty (Banbridge Town) [sub: Raflewski (Omagh Town)], Bryson (Larne), Hugh (Stranmillis College), McInerney (Banbridge Town) [sub: Mullan (Coleraine)]

15 March 1980
Newlandsfield Park, Glasgow
Scotland 2 (Chalmers (pen), Gray)
Northern Ireland 2 (Haugh, McGaughey)
NIR: Harding (Queen's University); Whiteside (Chimney Corner), Best (Dundela), Crozier (R.U.C.), Simpson (Dundela), Haugh (Stranmillis), Alexander (R.U.C.), Jennings (Queen's University), McGaughey (Linfield Swifts), Bell (R.U.C.), McEnerney (Newry Town)

1980/81 Not played

17 April 1982

Taylor's Avenue, Carrickfergus
Northern Ireland 0
Scotland 0
NIR: McGivern (Newry Town); Patterson (Dundela), Steele (Ballyclare Comrades), Simpson (Dundela), Elliott (Chimney Corner), Bell (Dundela), Nicholl (Limavady) [sub: Morrison 64], Alexander (R.U.C.), McCartney (R.U.C.), Docherty (Linfield Swifts), Conville (Carrick Rangers)

2 April 1983
Hannah Park, Shotts
Scotland 4 (Allen, Baikie, Myles, Allan)
Northern Ireland 3 (Caughey 2, Pearson)
NIR: Pomeroy (Coleraine); Patterson (Dundela), Steele (Ballyclare), Simpson (Dundela), Jeffrey (Linfield Swifts), Pearson (Carrick Rangers), Shields (Ballymena), Troughton (Glentoran), McCartney (R.U.C.), Caughey (R.U.C.), McInerney (Newry Town)

1983/84 Not played

20 April 1985

Allen Park, Chimney Corner, Antrim
Northern Ireland 3 (McCartney (17, 49), Hanvey (78 pen))
Scotland 0
NIR: Wright (Linfield); Currie (H&W Welders), McMullan (Chimney Corner), Nicholl (Linfield), Elliott (Chimney Corner) capt, Kirk (Ballyclare Comrades), Benson (Dungannon Swifts), Caughey (R.U.C.), McCartney (R.U.C.), Hanvey (Dundela), Carleton (Chimney Corner)
Subs: McDowell (Ards), Mills (Glentoran), Ferris (Limavady)

1985/86 to follow

1986/87-1988/89 Not played

3 March 1990
Clandeboye Road, Bangor
Northern Ireland 0
Wales 3 (Rush (27), Donnelly (40), Smith (84))
NIR: Crooks (Tobermore); Best (H&W Welders), Connolly (Dungannon Swifts), Lennox (Bangor Res.), Smyth (Glentoran II), West (Glentoran (II), Robinson (Dungannon Swifts), Mathieson (Glentoran II), McKeown (Glenavon Res.), Brown (Limavady United), Love (R.U.C.)
Subs: Hanley (Linfield Swifts), McCrea (Linfield Swifts)

23 March 1991
North Wales Coast FA 4 (Jones 2, Brett, Roberts)
Northern Ireland 3 (Brannigan 2, McCoosh)
NIR: P. Saunders (Dungannon Swifts), L. Fyfe (Dundela), J. Kerr (Donegal Celtic), J. Crawford (R.U.C.), J. Millar (R.U.C.), C. McCreadie (Limavady United), J. Totten (Brantwood), I. McDonald (Glentoran II), I. McCoosh (Linfield Swifts), D. Erskine (Ards Rangers), P. Brannigan (Donegal Celtic)
Subs: B. McFarland (Chimney Corner), G. Haire (Armagh City), S. McFadden (Dundela)

25 April 1992
New Grosvenor Stadium, Ballyskeagh
Northern Ireland 0(0)
Scotland 4(0) (Gemmell (47), Montgomery (54), Patterson (73), Mitchell (89)
NIR: Hutchinson (Dungannon Swifts); Fyfe (Dundela), McCreadie (Cliftonville Olympic), Allen (Bangor Res.), Scappaticci (Banbridge Town), Kirgan (Glentoran II), Love (R.U.C.), McFadden (Linfield Swifts), Hanvey (Dundela), McCrea (Linfield Swifts), Brannigan (Donegal Celtic)
Subs: Miskelly (H&W Welders), McKeown (Loughgall), Beattie (Dundela)

27 March 1993
Auchinleck (att: 1,500)
Scotland 4(3) (Gemell (9), Harkness (36), McCartney (40), Day (47))
Northern Ireland 1(1) (Moran (12))
NIR: Patterson (Linfield Swifts) [sub: Blackwood (Drumaness Mills) 74]; Davies (Linfield Swifts), Coulter (Branywood), Mullan (Limavady United), King (Limavady United), McCallum (Limavady United), Hunter (Donegal Celtic) [sub: Irwin (Dundela) 68], Doey (Dundela), Hanvey (Dundela) [sub: McFeeley (Ballymoney United) 65], Moran (Limavady United), Anderson (Linfield Swifts) 

27 March 1994
Lakeview Park, Loughgall
Northern Ireland 0
Scotland 1 (Paisley (89))
NIR: Crown (Limavady United); Mullan (Limavady United), Calvin (Loughgall), Simpson (Dundela), King (Limavady United), Anderson (Dungannon Swifts), Love (R.U.C.), Doey (Dundela), Henderson (Loughgall), Moran (Limavady United), Neill (Ballymoney United)
Subs: Feehan (Glenavon Res.), McGeown (Armagh City)
Note: This was the first representative match staged at Loughgall (founded 1885).


Irish Association Football Guides (1929/30-1968/69)
The Ulster Sports Annual 1932/33
Northern Ireland Soccer Yearbooks (1969/70-1994/95)
The Juniors - A Centenary History of Scottish Junior Football (1986)

With thanks to Gordon Hunter, the_red_warrior from the ILF and to IFCP for filling in some gaps.

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