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Northern Ireland in the International Challenge Trophy

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The International Challenge Trophy (formerly the European Challenge Trophy) is a competition for Under-23 players. The competing nations may use further criteria for selecting their teams, with Northern Ireland players all coming from clubs playing in the IFA Premiership.

These matches are categorised separately from the original Northern Ireland Under-23 team.

2005-06 (as European Challenge Trophy - 4 teams)
Did not enter.

Winners: England (group)

2007-09 (8 teams)
Manager: David Jeffrey (Linfield)

Group B
11 December 2007
Stade Luc Varenne, Tournai
Belgium 2 (0) (Hubert 58, Lutun 85)
Northern Ireland 1 (0) (Thompson 46)
NIR: Nelson (Dungannon Swifts); Holland (Cliftonville), Ogilby (Institute), Mulgrew (Linfield) [sub: McIlmoyle (Limavady United) 69], Albert Watson (Ballymena United) capt, Lindsay (Linfield), Ward (Glentoran), Clarke (Newry City), Thompson (Linfield), Waterworth (Lisburn Distillery) [sub: Stewart (Linfield) 67], McGinn (Dungannon Swifts)
Unused subs: Murphy (Ballymena United), Ervin (Linfield), McMinn (Dungannon Swifts), Scullion (Glentoran), McAllister (Dungannon Swifts)

13 May 2008 (report)
Mourneview Park, Lurgan
Northern Ireland 0 (0)
Republic of Ireland 1 (0) (Rice 88)
NIR: Nelson (Dungannon Swifts); Holland (Cliftonville), McClean (Ballymena United), Mulgrew (Linfield), Watson (Ballymena United) capt, Lindsay (Linfield), Ward (Glentoran), Clarke (Newry City), Thompson (Linfield), Stewart (Linfield) [sub: McAllister (Dungannon Swifts) 75], Scullion (Glentoran) [sub: Garrett (Newry City) 77].
Unused subs: Keenan (Larne), Ogilby (Institute), Coates (Crusaders), Boyce (Glentoran), McIlmoyle (Limavady United).
* Kick-off was delayed for 20 minutes due to a disagreement over clashing socks. Northern Ireland eventually took the field in blue socks borrowed from hosts, Glenavon.

18 November 2008 (report)
Senec, Slovakia
Slovakia 1 (1) (Skutka 10)
Northern Ireland 0 (0)
NIR: Nelson (Dungannon Swifts); Ogilby (Institute), Friars (Newry City), McMinn (Dungannon Swifts), Lowry (Institute), Clarke (Newry City), R. Garrett (Linfield), Donnelly (Crusaders), S. Garrett (Newry City), Allen (Lisburn Distillery), McAllister (Dungannon Swifts).
Subs: Keenan (Crusaders), Doherty (Linfield), Mulgrew (Linfield), Carvill (Linfield), Owens (Crusaders), White (Linfield)

2Republic of Ireland320142+26
4Northern Ireland300314-30

Belgium 1-0 England

2009-11 (11 teams)
Manager: Ronnie McFall (Portadown)

Group C
24 November 2009 (report)
Shamrock Park, Portadown
Northern Ireland 2 (1) (Fordyce 27, Magee 90)
Wales 2 (2) (Christopher 9, Moses 32)
NIR: Keenan (Crusaders); Smith (Ballymena United), Harkin (Coleraine), Magee (Glenavon), McVey (Coleraine), R. Garrett _ (Linfield), Carvill (Linfield), Mulgrew (Linfield), Fordyce (Glentoran), D. Boyce (Coleraine), Teggart (Portadown).
Subs: O'Neill (Ballymena United), L. Boyce (Cliftonville), Stewart (Ballymena United), Taylor (Glentoran), Allen (Linfield), Catney (Cliftonville), Redman (Portadown)

11 August 2010 (report)
The Showgrounds, Coleraine
Northern Ireland 2 (1) (Donnelly 4?, Owens 6?)
Poland 0 (0)
NIR: Keenan (Crusaders); Burns (Linfield), Redman (Portadown) [sub: Ramsey (Portadown) 63], Stewart (Ballymena United), Magee (Glenavon), Mulgrew (Linfield), Lowry (Linfield), Fordyce (Glentoran) [sub: Catney (Cliftonville) 46], Owens (Crusaders) [sub: Carvill (Linfield) 85], L. Boyce (Cliftonville) [sub: D. Boyce (Coleraine) 56], Donnelly (Crusaders).
Unused Subs: O'Neill (Dungannon Swifts); Taylor (Glentoran), Smith (Ballymena United).
* This match had originally been scheduled for 18th May but was postponed due to an Icelandic volcanic ash cloud grounding the Polish team's flights.

12 October 2010 (report)
Municipal Stadium, Cartaxo
Portugal 2 (0)
Northern Ireland 0 (0)
NIR: Keenan (Crusaders); Burns (Linfield) [sub: Magee (Glenavon) 84], Stewart (Ballymena United), Ramsey (Portadown), Redman (Portadown), Lowry (Linfield), Garrett (Linfield), Mulgrew (Linfield) [sub D. Boyce (Coleraine) 60], Donnelly (Crusaders) [sub: Carvill (Linfield) 60], Owens (Crusaders), Dallas (Crusaders).
Unused Subs: O’Neill (Dungannon Swifts); Taylor (Glentoran)

2Northern Ireland31114404

Portugal 1-0 England

2011-13 (8 teams)
Did not enter.

Turkey 1-0 Norway