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International Youth Tournament Match Details 1948-1980

- 1948 - 1949 - 1951 - 1953 - 1954 - 1955 - 1963 - 1964 - 1975 - 1976 - 1977 - 1978 1979 - 1980 -
- Match Details -

Work in progress.

1948 England
Squad: (partial)
Billy Bingham (Co-Op Rec), Tom Casey (East Belfast), Artie Taylor (Co-Op Rec), Denis McCurley (33rd OB)

First Round

15 April 1948
Crystal Palace
Ireland 1
Belgium 8

Supplementary Round

16 April 1948
Ireland 4
Wales 1

Fifth Place Play-Off

17 April 1948
Ireland 2
Eire 3

1949 Netherlands
First Round
18 April 1949
Ireland 3*
England 3
* Ireland progress after coin toss


19 April 1949
Ireland 0
Netherlands 2

Third Place Play-Off

21 April 1949
Den Haag
Ireland 0
Belgium 5

1951 France (Riviera)
First Round
22 March 1951
Northern Whig
(26 March 1951)
Ireland 2 (Rooney, Giffen)
Netherlands 0

24 March 1951
Nice [att: 3,000]
Ireland (1) 1 (W. Granleese)
Yugoslavia (1) 2* (Lipochinotovitch, Dragolioub Joupatz 122)
NIR: ...; ..., Lyske, ..., Dixon, Billy Pinkerton, Boyd, ..., Billy Granleese, ..., ....
After 40 minutes of extra-time.

Third Place Play-Off
26 March 1951
Ireland 0
Belgium 1

1952 Spain
Did not enter.

1953 Belgium
First Round
31 March 1953
Northern Ireland 1 (Campbell)
Yugoslavia 5

Quarter-Finals (9-16)
2 April 1953
Northern Ireland 3
Belgium 4

Semi-Finals (13-16)
4 April 1953
Northern Ireland 5
Saar 6

Fifteenth Place Play-Off
5 April 1953
Northern Ireland 1
Austria 2

Player Pass
1954 Germany
First Round Group 4
10 April 1954
Northern Ireland 0
England 5

12 April 1954

Northern Ireland 1
West Germany 6

13 April  1954

Northern Ireland 2
Hungary 7
Line-Up vs Hungary (courtesy of Danny Allen)

15 April 1954
Northern Ireland 1
Saar 2

17th Place Play-Off

18 April 1954
Northern Ireland 0
Switzerland 2

1955 Italy
J. Dobbin, John Gore (Bangor), R.G. Ewing (Linfield), Sammy Beggs (Ballymena), Sammy Chapman (Glentoran), Bobby Braithwaite (Crusaders), John Parke (Cliftonville), Ray Gough (Crusaders), B. Cousins, J. Peoples, J. Hughes, Sammy Quee (Glentoran) (all North-East)E. Nash (Derry City), Bobby Ervine (Coleraine) (both North-West)S. Wilson, W. Wilson (Portadown) (both Mid-Ulster)

First Round Group C
7 April 1955
Pisa (att: 400)
N. Ireland 1 (Chapman 78)
Poland 1 (Gadecki 17)
Dobbin; Gore, Ewing, Peoples, Wilson, Gough, Dougan, Hughes, Ervine, Chapman, Braithwaite.
Ref: Bucciarelli (Pisa)

9 April 1955

N. Ireland 1
Bulgaria 5

11 April 1955

Livorno (att: 1,500)
N. Ireland 0
Spain 3 (Beltia 7, Ruiz 16, Hommaeche 33)
Dobbin; Beggs, Ewing, Nash, Wilson, Gough, Quee, Parke, Ervine, Chapman, Braithwaite.
Ref: Malasomma (Livorno)


Did not enter.

1963 England
Full details
Preliminary Round
1 March 1963
Dalymount Park, Dublin
Eire 1 (Keogh 70 pen)
N. Ireland 1 (Warburton 59)
NIR: Jennings (Newry); Corbett (Ballyclare), McClelland (Coleraine), Nicholl (Coleraine), Napier (Bolton), Clements (Wolves), Warburton (Glentoran), Reid (Linfield), Guy (Linfield), Anderson, McKinney (Glenavon).

6 March 1963

Windsor Park, Belfast
N. Ireland 3 (
Guy 23, 74, McKinney 25)
Eire 2 (
Downey 18, Connolly 65)

NIR: Jennings (Newry); McCurley (Linfield), McClelland (Coleraine), Nicholl (Coleraine), Corbett (Ballyclare), Todd (Burnley), Anderson, Ross (Glentoran), Guy (Linfield), Clements (Wolves), McKinney (Glenavon).

Goalkeepers: Pat Jennings (Newry Town), Jim Stokes (Post Office Sports Club)
Backs: Howard McCurley (Linfield), Matt McClelland (Coleraine), Jim Nicholl (Coleraine), Tom Corbett (Ballyclare Comrades), Sammy Todd (Burnley), Syd Patterson (Distillery), John Napier (Bolton Wanderers), Derek Watson* (Glentoran
Forwards: Richie Warburton (Glentoran), Eric Ross (Glentoran), Denis Guy (Linfield), Dave Clements (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Vic McKinney (Glenavon), Shaun Dunlop (Coleraine), T. McKeown (Burnley), Wallace Reid* (Linfield) 
player withdrew; * late call-up

First Round Group D

13 April 1963
N. Ireland 2 (Ross, McKinney)
Belguim 1
NIR: Jennings; Corbett, McClelland, Nicholl, Napier, Todd, Dunlop, Guy, Ross, Clements, McKinney

15 April 1963
N. Ireland 1 (Ross)
Czechoslovakia 0
NIR: Jennings; Corbett, McCurley, Nicholl, Napier, Todd, Dunlop, Guy, Ross, Clements, McKinney

17 April 1963
N. Ireland 3 (Guy (2), Clements)
Sweden 3
NIR: Jennings; Corbett, McCurley, Nicholl, Napier, Todd, McKeown, Dunlop, Guy, Clements, McKinney

19 April 1963
N. Ireland 3 (McKinney (2), Ross)

Bulgaria 3
NIR: Jennings; Corbett, McCurley, Nicholl, Napier, Todd, Dunlop, Guy, Ross, Clements, McKinney

23 April 1963
Wembley (att: 34,582)
England 4 (1) (Napier (og) 5, Sammels 48, Whittaker 67, Sissons 59)
N. Ireland 0 (0)
NIR: Jennings; Corbett*, McCurley; Nicholl, Napier, Todd; Dunlop, Guy, Clements, Ross, McKinney
* Corbett broke his leg on 30 minutes and Clements moved to right-back. There were no substitutions permitted.

1964 Netherlands
Full details
First Round Group 7
28 March 1964
Northern Ireland 1 (McKinney)
Romania 0
NIR: A. Wright (Brantwood); C. Holmes (Port Vale), R. White (Linfield), T. McDonald (Middlesbro'), J. Napier (Bolton W.), S. Todd (Burnley), S. Dunlop (Coleraine), D. Clements (Wolverhampton W.) capt, C. Broad (Linfield), W. McCamley (Scunthorpe), V. McKinney (Glenavon).

30 March 1964
Northern Ireland 1 (Clements)
Austria 3
NIR: A. Wright (Brantwood); C. Holmes (Port Vale) _, R. White (Linfield), T. McDonald (Middlesbro'), J. Napier (Bolton W.), S. Todd (Burnley) _, S. Dunlop (Coleraine), D. Clements (Wolverhampton W.) capt, C. Broad (Linfield), W. McCamley (Scunthorpe), V. McKinney (Glenavon).

Did not enter.

1975 Switzerland
Preliminary Round
8 October 1974
The All-Weather Stadium, Reykjavik
Iceland 1 (Eldvaldsson)
Northern Ireland 2 (McCreery, Brotherston)
NIR: Ritchie (Portadown); McKeown (Man United), Hagan (Larne), Nicholl (Man United), Cromie (Ards), Warren (Ards), Moreland (Glentoran), Simpson (Coleraine), McCreery (Man United) Brotherston (Tottenham), Carson (Coleraine)
Ref: R. Kyle (SCO)

22 October 1974
The Oval, Belfast
Northern Ireland 3 (Campbell (3))
Iceland 1 Orlygsson
NIR: Ritchie (Portadown); McKeown (Man United), Cromie (Ards), Nicholl (Man United), Hagan (Larne), Warren (Ards) [Brotherston (Tottenham)], Moreland (Glentoran), McCreery (Man United), Campbell (Aston Villa), Simpson (Coleraine), Carson (Coleraine)
Ref: E. Espersen (DEN)

1975 tournament shirt
(courtesy of Barry Rojack)
Finals - First Round Group B
9 May 1975
Switzerland (1) 1 (Amacker 10)
Northern Ireland (1) 1 (Brotherston 28)
NIR: Ritchie (Portadown); McKeown (Manchester United), Douglas (Coleraine), Hagan (Larne), Cromie (Ards), Moreland (Glentoran), Nicholl (Manchester United), Simpson (Coleraine), McCreery (Manchester United), Campbell (Huddersfield), Brotherston (Tottenham)
Ref: M. Michenko (URS)

11 May 1975
Northern Ireland (1) 2 (Simpson 17 (pen), McCreery ??)
Republic of Ireland (0) 0
NIR: Ritchie (Portadown); McIlwaine (Glentoran), Douglas (Coleraine), Jim Hagan (Larne), R. Cromie (Ards), Vic Moreland (Glentoran), Lindsay McKeown (Manchester United), Jimmy Nicholl (Manchester United), A. Simpson (Coleraine), David McCreery (Manchester United), Noel Brotherston (Tottenham Hotspur).
Ref: L. Sorensen (DEN)
* Republic of Ireland had O'Riardan sent-off in the 15th minute for a foul on McCreery

13 May 1975
Northern Ireland 0
England 3 (Berschin, Hoddle, Trewick)
NIR: Ritchie (Portadown); McIlwaine (Glentoran), Douglas (Coleraine), Hagan (Larne), Cromie (Ards), McKeown (Manchester United), Moreland (Glentoran), Nicholl (Manchester United), Simpson (Coleraine), McCreery (Manchester United), Brotherston (Tottenham)
Ref: H. Frickel (FRG)

Four of the Northern Ireland Youth team who competed in Switzerland in 1975.
Jimmy Nicholl, Vic Moreland, Lindsay McKeown and Noel Brotherston
During the tournament Bobby Campbell (Hudderfield Town) and Bertie McMinn (Distillery) were expelled from the squad after an incident in which a car was crashed near the team hotel.

1976 Hungary
Preliminary Round
Northern Ireland -
Scotland -
Scotland withdrew, Northern Ireland receive bye to finals.

Finals - First Round Group D
28 May 1976
Koszeg (att: 2,500)
Northern Ireland (2) 3 (Stewart 35, 65 Blackledge 39)
Denmark (3) 5 (Klaus Berggreen 9, 11, 46, Steen Thychosen 12, Preben Elkjaer Larsen 66)
NIR: Hillen (Banbridge T.); Pearson (Linfield), Butcher (Coleraine), Harkness (Brantwood) [sub: Seely (Glenavon) 15], Trainor (Coleraine), Donegan (Portadown), Irwin (Coventry C.), Blackledge (Portadown), McDonald (Glenavon), Jamison (Bangor) [sub: Smith (Sheffield Wed.) 65], Stewart (Hull C.).

Several players from the Danish side
went on to star in World Cups &
European Championships through the 1980s

30 May 1976
Northern Ireland 0
Netherlands 3
NIR: Hillen (Banbridge T.); Kennedy (Ards), Pearson (Linfield), Trainor (Coleraine), Butcher (Coleraine), Irwin (Coventry C.) [sub: Miskimmon (Linfield)], Blackledge (Portadown)_, Donegan (Portadown), Jamison (Bangor) [sub: Smith (Sheffield Wed.)], McDonald (Glenavon), Stewart (Hull C.).

1 June 1976
Northern Ireland 0
NIR: Hillen (Banbridge T.); Pearson (Linfield), Kennedy (Ards), Trainor (Coleraine), Butcher (Coleraine), Miskimmon (Linfield) [sub: Jamison (Bangor)], Irwin (Coventry C.), Donegan (Portadown), Smith (Sheffield Wed.), McDonald (Glenavon), Stewart (Hull C.).

1977 Belgium
Preliminary Round
26 October 1976
Denmark 1 (K. Larsen)
Northern Ireland 0
NIR: Geoghegan (Banbridge T.); Gibson (Ards) [sub: Smyth (Portadown)], Neill (Bangor), O'Kane (Bangor), McGarrity (Middlesbro'), Garrett (Linfield), Mawhinney (Linfield), Quinn (Portadown), McDonald (Glenavon), Butcher (Coleraine) [sub: Dinsmore (East Belfast)], Morrow (Cliftonville).

5 April 1977

Seaview, Belfast
Northern Ireland 2 (Garrett, Corvan)
Denmark 0
NIR: Geoghegan (Banbridge T.); Gibson (Ards), Neill (Bangor), Garrett (Linfield), McAdam (Portadown), Hayes (Linfield), Grattan (Sunderland) [sub: Thompson (Larne) 70], Mawhinney (Linfield), Quinn (Portadown), Corvan (Milford Everton) [sub: Smyth (Portadown) 60].

Goalkeepers: Ciaran McCready (Downpatrick), Billy Geoghegan (Bangor).
Defenders: George Gibson (Ards), Davy Neill (Bangor), Jimmy Smyth (Portadown), Steve McAdam (Portadown), Ian Donegan (Portadown), Terry Hayes (Linfield).
Midfielders: Noel Mawhinney (Linfield), Paul Thompson (Larne), John Garrett (Linfield).
Forwards: Jim Grattan (Sunderland), Steve Hanvey (Crusaders), Mickey McDonald (Glenavon), John Corvan (Milford Everton), Jackie Smyth (Linfield).

First Round Group C
19 May 1977

Northern Ireland 0
USSR 1 (Taran)
NIR: Geoghegan; Ji. Smyth, Neill, Hayes, McAdam, Gibson, Garrett capt, Mawhinney, McDonald [sub: Hanvey], Grattan [sub: Thompson], Corvan.

21 May 1977

La Louviere
Northern Ireland 2 (Garrett, Mawhinney pen)
Malta 0
NIR: Geoghegan; Ji. Smyth, Gibson, McAdam, Neill, Garrett capt, Thompson, Hayes, Hanvey, Corvan, Mawhinney.

23 May 1977

Northern Ireland 1 (Corvan)
Austria 0
NIR: Geoghegan; Ji. Smyth, Neill, Gibson, Donegan, Hayes, Hanvey, Mawhinney, Corvan, Garrett, Thompson.

1978 Poland
Preliminary Round
8 March 1978
Beringen (att: 5,000)
Belgium 4 (Electeur (3), Davidts)
Northern Ireland 1 (Quinn)
NIR: McGivern (Newry T.); Fleming (Wolves), McAdam (Portadown), McCandless (Coleraine), Stewart (Luton T.), Bowers (Cliftonville), Holden (Cliftonville), Denver (Glenavon), Gardiner (Portadown), Thompson (Coventry C.) [Quinn (Portadown)], McCartney (Liverpool) [Crawford (Bangor)]
Ref: M. Vautrot (FRA)

22 March 1978

Seaview, Belfast
Northern Ireland (1) 1 (Gardiner 10)
Belgium (3) 5 (Stewart og 21, Electeur 23, 88, Van Eyck 25, Woordeckers 58)
NIR: Johnston (Bangor); Stewart (Luton T.), Fleming (Wolves), McAdam (Portadown), McCandless (Coleraine), Bowers (Cliftonville) [Richardson (Glenavon)], Holden (Cliftonville) [Hanvey (Crusaders)], Denver (Glenavon), Jim Gardiner (Portadown), McCreery (Glentoran), Crawford (Bangor)
Ref: J. Wellings (NED)
* goalscoring times approximate

1979 Austria
Preliminary Round
17 January 1979
The Oval, Belfast
Northern Ireland (1) 1 (McGaughey 15)
Republic of Ireland (1) 2 (O'Doherty 14, Beattie 84 o.g.)
NIR: Dave Reynolds (Burnley); Mark Wilson (Larne), Steve Convey (Leicester C.), R. Hill (Portadown) [sub: Martin Beattie (Linfield) 46], Tom Stewart (Glentoran), D. Irvine (Glentoran), Albert Holden (Cliftonville), N. Barkley (Larne), Martin McGaughey (Linfield), Gary McCartney (Liverpool), Ron Carleton (Glentoran).

14 February 1979
Belgium 0
Northern Ireland 0
NIR: D. Reynolds (Burnley); M. Wilson (Larne), D. Irvine (Glentoran), M. Beattie (Linfield), N. Worthington (Ballymena U.), Hardy (Larne), N. Barkley (Larne), S. Convey (Leicester C.), M. McGaughey (Linfield), G. McCartney (Liverpool).

14 March 1979
Dalymount Park, Dublin
Republic of Ireland (2) 4 (Campbell 30, O'Doherty 35, O'Riordan 65, ??)
Northern Ireland (0) 2 (Convey ?? pen, Holden ??)
NIR: Dave Reynolds (Burnley); Mark Wilson (Larne), Nigel Worthington (Ballymena U.), D. Irvine (Glentoran), Martin Beattie (Linfield), Steve Convey (Leicester C.), Albert Holden (Cliftonville), N. Barkley (Larne), Martin McGaughey (Linfield), B. McLaughlin (Bangor), Gary McCartney (Liverpool) [sub: E. Houston (Glentoran) 65].

4 April 1979
Windsor Park, Belfast
Northern Ireland 1 (McCreery)
Belgium 0 
NIR: R. Adair (Glentoran); M. Wilson (Larne), N. Worthington (Ballymena U.), D. Irvine (Glentoran), M. Beattie (Linfield), S. Convey (Leicester C.), R. McCreery (Glentoran), N. Barkley (Larne), E. Houston (Glentoran), B. McLaughlin (Bangor), A. Holden (Cliftonville).

Northern Ireland finish third in their three team group and fail to progress to Finals in Austria. 

The team competed at the Le Havre Youth Tournament (12-19 May 1979), finishing fourth (NI 3-0 Normandy Select; NI 3-1 Benfica; NI 0-2 Everton; NI 1-3 Southampton (semi-final); NI 0-4 Everton (third place play-off)).

1980 East Germany
Preliminary Round
13 February 1980
Seaview, Belfast
Northern Ireland 2 (Heath, McAlinden)
Wales 0
NIR: Adair (Glentoran); Hill (Portadown), Worthington (Ballymena U.), Scullion (Sunderland), Jeffrey (Manchester U.), McCall (Ballymena U.), Stewart (QPR) [sub: Manley (Glentoran)], Radcliffe (Bangor), McAlinden (Distillery), McClurg (Distillery), Heath (Luton T.).

19 March 1980*
Wales 0
Northern Ireland 0
(Northern Ireland win 2-0 on aggregate)
NIR: Adair (Glentoran); Hill (Portadown), Worthington (Ballymena U.), Scullion (Sunderland), Jeffrey (Manchester U.), McCall (Ballymena U.), Stewart (QPR), Ferris (Distillery), McAlinden (Distillery), Hawkins (Distillery), Heath (Luton T.)
* Match postponed from previous evening due to snow.

Finals - First Round Group D
16 May 1980
Northern Ireland 0
England 1 (Hately)
NIR: Adair (Glentoran); Hill (Portadown), Worthington (Ballymena U.), Scullion (Sunderland), Jeffrey (Manchester U.), McCall (Ballymena U.), Stewart (QPR), Hawkins (Distillery) [sub: McClurg (Distillery)], McAlinden (Distillery), Ferris (Distillery) [sub: Radcliffe (Bangor)], Heath (Luton T.).

18 May 1980
Northern Ireland 2 (B. Djuroski o.g., McCall)
Yugoslavia 2 (W. Druroski 2)
NIR: Adair (Glentoran); Hill (Portadown), Worthington (Ballymena U.), Scullion (Sunderland), Jeffrey (Manchester U.), McCall (Ballymena U.), Stewart (QPR) [sub: McClurg (Distillery)], Ferris (Distillery) [sub: Radcliffe (Bangor)], McAlinden (Distillery)_75
, Hawkins (Distillery), Heath (Luton T.).
McAlinden sent-off along with Deveric after the Yugoslav winger had attacked him.

20 May 1980
Northern Ireland 0
Portugal 1
NIR: Adair (Glentoran); Hill (Portadown), Worthington (Ballymena U.), Scullion (Sunderland), Jeffrey (Manchester U.), McCall (Ballymena U.), Stewart (QPR), Hawkins (Distillery), Ferris (Distillery), McClurg (Distillery), Heath (Luton T.).

From 1981 the UEFA European Youth Tournament evolved into the UEFA Under-18 Championships.

Irish Association Football Guide (various editions) (ed. Bill Irwin)
Northern Ireland Soccer Yearbook (various editions) (ed. Malcolm Brodie)
Steve Bell
Davide  Eskelund Rota