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William Sloan

Name: William C. Sloan
Position: Centre-Half

Representative Honours: Ireland: 1 Amateur Cap (1925); Amateur Representative (1925).
Club Honours: (with Distillery) Irish Cup Winner 1924/25; Gold Cup Winner 1924/25.

Club Career:
Teams .... --Seasons-- Signed
Distillery ............. 1924

Brother of Andy Sloan, William Sloan was a dashing player, not scientific or possessing a bundle of tricks, but offering a surety and honesty in his play that proved a useful asset in any team for which he played.

"... big and strong and is ruthless (without being unfair) in destroying the most carefully laid plans of an opposition vanguard. He tackles with undying determination and does not neglect to use his weight, but with the utmost fairness. Perhaps he is stronger in defence than attack, but just the manner in which he changes the point of attack by throwing the ball to the wings often has the opposition in a tangle. Sloan is one of those men commonly described as "a ninety-minute player". Always in the thick of the fight, he spares no energy in his efforts to bring his team success."

Prior to breaking into senior football with Distillery, Sloan had appeared for Barn Reserves. He joined the Whites for the 1924/25 season and after initially appearing for the Seconds, he was given a first team opportunity due to an injury to the regular centre-half and starred in the Distillery side that claimed the "double" of Irish Cup and Gold Cup. He was also selected for Ireland Amateurs in an end-of-season representative match against the Irish League and again for an international against England the following season. His Distillery chances were cut short however as regular centre-half Fred Bell returned to fitness.

Ireland Amateur Cap Details:
11-05-1925 Irish League N D 2-2
17-11-1925 England..... A L 4-6

Summary: 1/0. Won 0, Drew 0, Lost 1.


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