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Robert McGuire

Name: Robert Hamilton McGuire
Position: Left-Back

Representative Honours: Ireland: 2 Amateur Caps (1926-1929); Irish League: 1 Cap (1926).
Club Honours: (with Cliftonville) Irish Cup Runner-Up 1926/27.

Club Career:
Teams .............. --Seasons--
Cliftonville Olympic 15/16-17/18
Ormiston ........... 18/19
Linfield Swifts .... 18/19-??/??
Ulster Rangers ..... ??/??-21/22
Dundela ............ 22/23
Crusaders .......... 23/24
Dundela ............ 24/25
Cliftonville ....... 25/26-??/??

Robert McGuire served a long apprenticeship in intermediate football before breaking into the senior ranks after a decade of earning his spurs.

According to the Ireland's Saturday Night there was "evidently something of the itinerant in his make-up" as they recorded a slew of club moves - Cliftonville Olympic for a "triennium"; less than a season with Ormiston; Linfield Swifts then Ulster Rangers; Dundela to Crusaders and back; and finally back to the club where he started, and senior football with Cliftonville.

"... an honest player, who gives of his best to whatever club he is attached. He is of the strong, robust type and likes to bustle into the thick of the fray... Once scenting danger he must exert himself to avert it. He plays the game strenuous in honest defence."

In the Irish League-proper, McGuire soon earned major representative honours. In his first season in senior football he was selected for the inter-league match with the Free State League at Dalymount Park. The following season he won the first of two Amateur caps as England defeated Ireland 3-0 at Solitude. He won his only other cap three years later as the Irish suffered a 7-2 defeat at the hands of England at Selhurst Park.

Ireland Amateur Cap Details:
06-11-1926 England H L 0-3
16-11-1929 England A L 2-7

Summary: 2/0. Won 0, Drew 0, Lost 2.

Irish League Representative Appearance Details:
13-03-1926 League of Ireland A L 1-3

Summary: 1/0. Won 0, Drew 0, Lost 1.

Photo and details from ISN article kindly forwarded by Jim Murphy.