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The New Brighton Connection

Founded: 1921 (following the bankruptcy of South Liverpool)
Dissolved: 1983 (new club formed 1993)

League History:
Lancashire Combination 1921/22-1922/23; Football League Division Three North 1923/24-1950/51; Lancashire Combination Division One 1951/52-1964/65; Cheshire County League 1965/66-1977/78; Division One 1978/79; Division Two 1979/80-1980/81; South Wirral Premier Division 1981/82; First Division 1982/83.
(new club) West Cheshire League 1996/97-date.

The only player capped by Ireland while playing for New Brighton was...
Billy Lacey 1

Other Irish internationals players to have played for New Brighton include...
Billy Crooks
Tom Davis
Jimmy Dunne
Davy Lyner
Allan Mathieson
Bert Mehaffy
Matt O'Mahoney
Jack Reid
Paddy Sloan (guest)


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