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Kyle McVey

Name: Kyle McVey
Born: 7 July 1986
Position: Centre-Back / Left-Back

Representative Honours: Northern Ireland: Under-23, 8 Under-21 Caps (2006-2008), Youth.
Club Honours: (with Coleraine) Irish Cup Runner-Up 2007/08; Irish League Cup Runner-Up 2009/10; North-West Cup Winner.

Club Career:
Teams.... --Seasons-- Signed -Fee- -League- FA Cup FL Cup Europe Other
Coleraine 03/04-12/13 ...... Youth
Linfield. 13/14 ..... Aug-13 .Free 13 (3)/1 1(0)/0 3(0)/0 ...... 3(0)/0
Ballymena 14/15-16/17 Aug-14 .Free
Carrick R 16/17 ..... Jan-17 .Loan
Portadown 17/18- date

Kyle McVey established himself in the centre of Coleraine's defence while still a teenager. Multi-honoured by Northern Ireland at representative level, prior to winning eight under-21 caps he played at the Milk Cup and was part of the squad that played at the 2005 UEFA Under-19 Championship Finals and he has since appeared for the Under-23 side that has taken part in the International Challenge Trophy.

One of the highest rated players in the Irish Premiership, McVey has remained with Coleraine despite interest from bigger clubs. With the Bannsiders he has appeared in Irish Cup and League Cup final defeats, but his only senior honours to date have come in the North West Cup.

McVey left Coleraine in May 2013 having stalled on a new contract. He subsequently joined Linfield.

NIFL Premiership

Northern Ireland Under-21 Cap Details:
06-02-2006 Israel....... A W 1-0 FR. sub
08-02-2006 Israel....... A W 1-0 FR
28-02-2006 Wales........ A W 1-0 FR. sub
12-04-2006 Leichtenstein A W 4-1 ECQ sub
16-05-2006 Scotland..... H W 1-0 FR
24-05-2007 Scotland..... A L 0-4 FR
01-06-2007 Moldova...... A W 1-0 ECQ
26-03-2008 Romania...... H L 1-3 FR. sub

Summary: 4(4)/0. Won 6, Drew 0, Lost 2.