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Gerry Murray

Born: Belfast
Position: Inside-Forward

Representative Honours: Ireland: 2 Amateur Caps (1934)
Club Honours: (with Belfast Celtic) Irish League Champion; (with Glentoran) Co. Antrim Shield Runner-Up 1938/39.

Club Career:
Teams......... --Seasons-- Signed Domestic
Belfast Celtic
Glentoran .... 38/39-39/40 ..1939 ..50/ 1

Gerry (Jerry) Murray played at some point in his career with each of Belfast's biggest clubs. He started out with Linfield before joining Belfast Celtic as an inside-forward in which role he was twice capped for Ireland Amateurs. It wasn't until the sale of Keiller McCullough to Manchester City in 1935 that Murray established himself in Celtic's half-back line. In 1938 he signed for Glentoran, missing a penalty on his debut in the City Cup against Larne and he had to wait a little over a year to score his only goal for the club - from the spot in a 1-1 draw against Larne! He was a regular as the Glens' centre-half for a season-and-a-half, captaining the team for a period.

Ireland Amateur Cap Details:
17-02-1934 England. A L 0-4
25-04-1934 Scotland H W 4-1

Summary: 2/0. Won 1, Drew 0, Lost 1.


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