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The Sun Soccercards 1978/79

A range of 1000 cards released by The Sun newspaper mid-way through the 1978/79 season featuring some very dodgy drawings of footballers, flags and trophies.

Flag (reverse); T. Anderson (reverse); G. Armstrong (reverse); J. Bambrick (reverse); B. Bingham (reverse)

T. Cassidy (reverse); D. Craig (reverse); P. Doherty (reverse); B. Hamilton (reverse); B. Hamilton (reverse)

A. Hunter (reverse); T. Jackson (reverse); P. Jennings (reverse); C. McGrath (reverse); J. McIlroy (reverse)

S. McIlroy (reverse); P. McParland (reverse); T. Neill (reverse); S. Nelson (reverse); C. Nicholl (reverse)

J. Nicholl (reverse); J. Platt (reverse); E. Scott (reverse); P. Scott (reverse); D. Spence (reverse)

Details of this collection can be found here.


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