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The Huddersfield Connection

Players to earn (Northern) Ireland caps while with Huddersfield Town:

Harry Baird..... 1
Lawrie Cumming.. 2
Peter Doherty... 4
Charlie Gallogly 2
Bill Hayes...... 4
Jim McAuley..... 6
Johnny McKenna.. 7
Jim Nicholson.. 31

Other Northern Ireland Internationals to play for Huddersfield:
Bobby Campbell played with Huddersfield from 1975-1977 and again in 1978.
Steve Jones was loaned to Huddersfield in October 2008.
Johnny Jameson, never capped but a member of the 1982 World Cup squad, played once for Huddersfield in 1977/78.

Other links:
Mark Lillis, who was assistant-manager to Sammy McIlroy, spent seven seasons at Huddersfield from 1978.