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The World at Their Feet: Northern Ireland in Sweden

The highly anticipated new book by Ronnie Hanna, author of Six Glorious Years: Following Northern Ireland 1980-1986, is released on Friday 5th September. Having had the benefit of a sneak preview, NIFG cannot recommend the book highly enough!

The World At Their Feet: Northern Ireland In Sweden chronicles the adventures of Peter Doherty's men in qualifying for and then excelling at the 1958 World Cup against all odds.

About the book:

Northern Ireland were the smallest country to reach the World Cup in Sweden and this is the story of how, against the odds, with a patched-up squad and fewer players than any of the other countries, they did better than England and Scotland and more than held their own against world champions West Germany to reach the quarter-finals.

Ronnie Hanna talked to the stars of the World Cup squad - Billy Bingham, Harry Gregg, Jimmy McIlroy, Peter McParland and Norman Uprichard - to compile a vivid account of a great adventure.


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