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Tom Molyneux

Name: Thomas Bryson Molyneux
Born: 19 July 1857, Killead (probable)*
Died: 2 February 1930 (possible)*
Position: Half-Back

Representative Honours: Ireland: 11 Full Caps / 1 Goal (1883-1888).
Club Honours: (with Cliftonville) Irish Cup Winner 1887/88, Runner-Up 1886/87.

Club Career:
FA Cup

Half-back Tom Molyneux won a then Irish record eleven caps between 1883-1888. He never once tasted victory while wearing an Ireland shirt, a solitary draw with Wales the closest he came to success. In another match against the Welsh, favoured by a strong wind, he gave Ireland a 23rd minute lead. Wales subsequently turned round a 2-0 half-time defecit to win 8-2.

Molyneux had a little more luck at club level, aiding Cliftonville to successive Irish Cup finals - a 3-1 defeat by Ulster in 1886 and a 2-1 win over Distillery in 1887.

Ireland Cap Details:
24-02-1883 England. A L 0- 7 FR
17-03-1883 Wales... H D 1- 1 FR
26-01-1884 Scotland H L 0- 5 BC
09-02-1884 Wales... A L 0- 6 BC
23-02-1884 England. H L 1- 8 BC
28-02-1885 England. A L 0- 4 BC
11-04-1885 Wales... H L 2- 8 BC 1 Goal
27-02-1886 Wales... A L 0- 5 BC
13-03-1886 England. H L 1- 6 BC
20-03-1886 Scotland H L 2- 7 BC
24-03-1888 Scotland H L 2-10 BC

Summary: 11/1. Won 0, Drew 1, Lost 10.

* There were (at least) two men called Thomas Bryson Molyneux of appropriate age (another was born in 1868, but he is believed to be a different man who would later become an official with Linfield). It is unsure if the above birth information is that of the Irish international. With thanks to Chris Goodwin of England Football Online, George Glass and Cris Freddi for their inputs.


Anonymous said…
Hi, Jonny.

What's Chris Goodwin's source for saying Tom Molyneux was born in 1858? George Glass said 1868! And what's the source for a death year of 1930? Again, George said 11 Dec 1945...

All the best,

Cris Freddi
Anonymous said…
Gibb and McGee scored the goals v Wales in 1885 according to the Northern Whig and Western Mail newspapers. No mention of Molyneux scoring