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The Everton Connection

Everton / Northern Ireland All-Time XI
Billy Scott
Billy Cook, Tommy Jackson, Billy Lacey, Dave Clements, Val Harris
Billy Bingham, Alec Stevenson, Bobby Irvine, Bryan Hamilton, Tommy Eglington
Players who won Northern Ireland Caps while with Everton:
Billy Scott.... 15
Val Harris..... 14
Alex Stevenson. 14
Billy Bingham.. 13
Billy Cook..... 12
Dave Clements.. 12
Bobby Irvine... 11
Bryan Hamilton. 11
Billy Lacey.... 10
Peter Farrell... 7
Tommy Eglington. 6
Tommy Jackson... 6
James Sheridan.. 5
Jackie Coulter.. 5
Pat Jennings.... 4 (never made an Everton first team appearance)
John Houston.... 3
Jimmy Hill...... 3
Peter Scott..... 2
Norman Whiteside 2
Alec McCartney.. 2 (never made an Everton first team appearance)

More details to follow.


Paul said…
You are showing a photo of Dixie instead of Billy Cook