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Eddie Reynolds

Born: c.1935, Belfast
Died: 1993
Position: Forward

Representative Honours: Northern Ireland: 1 Amateur Cap / 1 Goal (1963).
Club Honours: (with Wimbledon) Isthmian League Champion 1958/59, 1961/62, 1963/64; Southern League Division One Runner-Up 1964/65 (promoted); FA Amateur Cup Winner 1962/63.

Club Career:
FA Cup
Tooting & Mitcham U.
(Isthmian League)
(Isthmian Lge / Southern Lge)
Ashford Town
(Southern League)
Derry City
4/ 0
* all cup games.

Wimbledon Career in Detail (from AFCW Statistics):
Season.- Div.- League - ..Cup-.- Total

1957/58 Isth.. 13/ 10 - -7/. 7 - 20/ 17
1958/59 Isth.. 28/ 34 - -9/. 3 - 37/ 37
1959/60 Isth.. 22/ 19 - 15/ 20 - 37/ 39
1960/61 Isth.. 28/ 32 - 17/ 15 - 45/ 47
1961/62 Isth.. 27/ 30 - 16/ 20 - 43/ 50
1962/63 Isth.. 29/ 32 - 21/ 21 - 50/ 53
1963/64 Isth.. 24/ 28 - -9/. 7 - 33/ 35
1964/65 Sth-1. 34/ 40 - -5/. 4 - 45/ 53
1965/66 Sth-P. 10/. 6 - -3/. 2 - 19/ .9
TOTALS....... 215/231 -102/ 99 -329/340

‘Burly’ forward Eddie Reynolds has a special place in Wembley lore – he was the scorer of four headed goals in a Wembley Final. The report of the 1963 FA Amateur Cup from the News of the World read as follows:
Wimbledon 4 Sutton United 2 (Empire Stadium, Wembley, 4th May 1963. Attendance: 45,000. Receipts £16,700)
Jubilant Eddie Reynolds achieved the amazing feat of heading four superb goals to give Wimbledon their first Amateur Cup triumph... yet the result of this exciting final between Surrey rivals was in the balance until the burly Irish leader netted his last two in the closing three minutes of the game.
In fact Sutton were the more polished side for most of the time and, though centre-half Terry Price was partially concussed by a nose injury, they hit back to equalise through Mickey Goodall and Trevor Bladon after Reynolds had put star-studded
Wimbledon two up in the first eight minutes of the second half.
Reynolds was the undisputed hero but Wimbledon, with six internationals in their side, could be rated lucky to have pulled off this smash and grab victory in their third final. Sutton deserved a better fate at the first attempt and it might have been a different tale had Price escaped injury.
Six days after his Wembley performance Reynolds was rewarded with an Amateur Cap, and he marked the occasion with the final goal as Scotland were beaten 5-2 at the Oval. While with Totting & Mitcham he had been kept out of the team by another goalscoring Irishman, Paddy Hasty.

In 1964/65 (Wimbledon's first as a professional club) Reynolds scored a club record 40 League goals. The record has only since been 'surpassed' by AFC Wiimbledon's Kevin Cooper. In 2008 Reynolds was honoured as the housing development built on the site of Wimbledon's old Plough Lane ground was named "Reynolds Gate". (story)

By mid-way through the 1965/66 Reynolds was no longer a regular starter for Wimbledon and he joined Ashford Town where he stayed only briefly. He returned "home" to join Derry City, but once again his stay was brief and amounted to just four early season appearances.

Video clips of 1963 Amateur Cup Final
Eddie Reynolds - A True Don
Historical Don

Northern Ireland Amateur Cap Details:
10-05-1963 Scotland H W 5-2 1 Goal

Summary: 1/1. Won 1, Drew 0, Lost 0.

There has been some readers' interest in Eddie Reynolds. If you can provide more information please contact NIFG via email or the comments form below.


Anonymous said…
Reynolds joined Wimbledon from Tooting and Mitcham. Stats are unknown. The Wimbledon stats don't add up because Premier Midweek Floodlight League games were categorised as "other". You're very welcome to have borrowed the stats though ;-)
jcd said…
Sorry, credit now given.

I do usually try to link to source materials where I can, this was just a case of carelessness. Excellent site by the way.

If you would like to add anything further to any of the Wimbledon players, please get in touch.
Anonymous said…
My name is Rachael Reynolds and Eddie is my dad. My sister and I are starting the find lots of info about our dad on the net and it is wonderful for my 11 1/2 year old son who never got to meet his grandfather. Thank you
Anonymous said…
When completed, SW19 Sanctuary will become known as Reynolds Gate, to honour the memory of another Wimbledon star from its amateur days, Eddie Reynolds, the striker who scored four goals in the epic FA Amateur Cup Final in 1963 against Sutton. This secures Wimbledon's place in the pantheon of football greats as the only team ever to win both amateur and professional FA Cups.

I am related to Eddie (far far back,(Hi Rachael) and this Housing development is being opened this Thursday 27th Dec 08.
Lee Clark
Anonymous said…
"When completed, SW19 Sanctuary will become known as Reynolds Gate, to honour the memory of another Wimbledon star from its amateur days, Eddie Reynolds, the striker who scored four goals in the epic FA Amateur Cup Final in 1963 against Sutton. This secures Wimbledon's place in the pantheon of football greats as the only team ever to win both amateur and professional FA Cups".
I am related to Eddie (long long way back(Hi Rachael).
This Housing development is being opened this Thursday 27th Dec 08
Should be a good day,some family turning up from N.Ireland.
Lee Clark
David Jamieson said…
Hi Rachael

Think you left the above comment some years ago now but I'm a freelance journalist researching a feature about your father and his legendary status as an amateur footballer. As well as his footballing exploits, I'm keen to build a picture of him off the pitch to weave into the story. Would be great to have a chat with you if you were happy to take part.

I will be approaching some of my contacts at the country's biggest football magazines with the feature when it is completed.

Hope this reaches you... please feel free to contact me at
Anonymous said…
Have only just found this site after searching "Eddy Reynolds", myself and friends were Wimbledon supporters during the Reynolds years and I must say in my and many others opinion he was an exceptional exquisite header of a football the best we have ever seen, world class in any standard of football
Unknown said…
I am Eddies Grandson and if anyone has any information about my grandfather, I'd love to hear from you as I'm trying to learn more about his passing and his career. Feel free to email me:
The Clarks said…
Hi Cody , I have passed your email on to my aunty Joan , she will contact you on the email you provided , she has lots of info with have found about Eddie ....Including a comic book about him !!!!

Unknown said…
I was with Eddie aka PAddy in the RAF in the late
fifties. He used to come home with me to NEw Malden when he first started playing for Wimbledon. Last saw him in the early sixties when he'd married and lived in a flat in the club grounds
Anonymous said…
Hi Lee. Eddie was my uncle. His brother Victor is my dad. You used to come visit us in Canada when we were kids. Hope all is well! Debbie
The Clarks said…
Hi Debbie , 1976 if I remember correctly ? I remember the pool you had , great times . Married with 2 kids now , hope you are well , Mum and Dad still doing well and so is my brother Steve ( if you remember us all 😀)
Unknown said…
Hi. I think my step dad (Richard or Dick Scrafton) was in the RAF with your dad. Can you contact me please? I’d like to see if you have any pictures of them together. Thank you. Rob.
The Clarks said…
Hi Robb Warr , your comment has only just come through to me today , Eddie was my uncle , above in the comments are his Daughters , rachael and Debbie, unfortunately my family has only a few pics of Eddie , I will ask around next time I am in Kent and see what I can find.
Anonymous said…
I remember Eddie playing for the GPO team (Midweek),I think it was at Blackpool, getting booked by the Ref. He gave his name as Smith perhaps to avoid affecting his season with Wimbledon. Didn't work though, finished up with a lengthy ban!
I did hear but cannot confirm that Jimmy Greaves (maybe keeping a low profile?) holed up in his flat for a while. What is definite however is that Jimmy once described Eddie, in his typically non politically correct way, as being a bit like Douglas Bader. 'Great in the air but not so good with his feet!'
Unknown said…
I remember Eddie when he lived in the flat above the supporters club. Can't remember his wife's name, but I'm sure his daughter was Susan. I was not much older than her. I remember the club's Alsatian called Rex. I was practically brought up there. My dad was the steward
Anonymous said…
On seeing the post including jimmy greaves it prompted me to mention-A certain Eddie Reynolds played for Chelsea against Sittingbourne in a friendly in 1960 scoring 2 goals with jimmy scoring 4.tried researching it but haven't found any other info