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John Hanna

Name: John Dempster R. A. Hanna

Position: Centre-Forward

Representative Honours: Ireland: 1 Full Cap (1899).

Club Career:

FA Cup
Royal Artillery Portsmouth
(Southern League)

John Hanna was one of the four players (Archie Goodall, John Taggart and Tommy Morrison being the others) to take the field as the first Anglos (i.e. with an English team at the time) to play for Ireland. That first outing proved a success - Ireland winning 1-0 over Wales.

Playing with Royal Artillery Portsmouth at the time, the club were disbanded at the end of the 1898/99 season due to allegations of professionalism. Although there is no formal link between the two clubs, many of RAP's fans and traditions were passed on to the current Portsmouth FC who were founded on 12th April 1899.

If you know anything about John Hanna, please contact NIFG.

Ireland Cap Details:

04-03-1899 Wales... H W 1-0 BC

Summary: 1/0. Won 1, Drew 0, Lost 0.


eastneydave said…
Re Royal Artillery Portsmouth they had no link whatsoever to Portsmouth FC. Pompey were formed on 12th April 1898 as anew club and did not rise from the ashes of another.

NIFG is a very good site and no doubt will help many with obituaries for a true Pompey legend Norman Uprichard who died on 31 January 2011.
jcd said…
Thanks Dave. I hope you feel that the re-wording is a fair reflection of the historical relationship between RAP and Portsmouth.

I was also saddened to learn of the passing of Norman Uprichard, who was universally respected as a footballer and a man by all who knew him.