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Robert John Hunter

Name: Robert John Hunter
Born: Belfast
Position: Goalkeeper

Representative Honours: Ireland: 3 Full Caps (1884).

Club Career:

Cousin of Shaw and John Gillespie.

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Ireland Cap Details:

26-01-1884 Scotland H L 0-5 BC
09-02-1884 Wales... A L 0-6 BC
23-02-1884 England. H L 1-8 BC

Summary: 3/0. Won 0, Drew 0, Lost 3.


Cris Freddi said…
Are you sure RJ Hunter was known as Boib, guys? Is there any contemporary confirmation...?

All the best,

Cris Freddi
jcd said…
Hi Cris,
I can't find any notes on where "Bob" came from. I'll go back to Robert John until I can find a source.