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Lionel Bennett

Name: Lionel Vaughan Bennett
Born: c.1868, Kinnenay, Dublin
Position: Centre-Half

Representative Honours: Ireland: 1 Full Cap (1889).

Club Career:
Dublin University 1888/89

Lionel Bennett was selected to play for Ireland on 27th April 1889 as a result of reports on his good play for Dublin University. He was aged 20 but had not competed in the Irish Cup, the only senior competition available to Dublin University. It was a policy, on occasions, for the IFA to select such persons in order to encourage the growth of the game.

Bennett later served as a Captain in the Army as Lionel Vaughan-Bennett.

Ireland Cap Details:
27-04-1889 Wales... (h) L 1-3 BC (age 20 years)

Summary: 1/0. Won 0, Drew 0, Lost 1.

By George Glass.


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