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Jack Barry

Name: John Barry
Born: 18 December 1861, Belfast (tbc)
Died: pre-1909 (in his 40s)
Position: Centre-Forward

Representative Honours: Ireland: 3 Full Caps (1888-1889).
Club Honours: (with Cliftonville) Irish Cup Winner 1887/1888, Runner-Up 1886/87, 1889/90; Belfast Charity Cup Winner 1886/87, 1887/88, 1888/89.

Club Career:

Ireland's ongoing search for goals took them to Cliftonville's Irish Cup winning forward, Jack Barry. He failed to find the net in any of his three outings in the International Championship.

A regular goalscorer at club level, Barry found the net 40 times for Cliftonville (including 20 in the Irish Cup). This was before the League competition started so competitive matches were limited. He scored a hat-trick for Cliftonville in the 7-2 defeat of Blackburn Park Road in an English FA Cup match on the 23rd October 1886. In all he played 10 times, scoring 6 goals in the English FA Cup, quite an achievement.

Ireland Cap Details:
03-03-1888 Wales... A L .0-11 BC
24-03-1888 Scotland H L .2-10 BC
02-03-1889 England. A L .1-.6 BC

Summary: 3/0. Won 0, Drew 0, Lost 3.

Details by George Glass.


Anonymous said…
Is Jack Barry definitely a different person to John Barry? I think only one is mentioned in the 1980 Seden programme
jcd said…
I'm fairly confident that they are different people. I am aware that the Centenary Programme (vs Sweden, 1980) list an "H. Barry (1 Cap-Bohemians 1900)", but also a "J. Berry (3 Caps-Cliftonville 1888-89).

Other (what I would consider more reliable sources-namely the latest SkySports Yearbook) list two players by the name of J. Barry (and no Berry).

This is echoed by the website, more recent Malcolm Brodie publications and various other sources.

My other reasoning is that one was a forward, and the other a back (although positions in general weren't as defined in those days).

The only query I now have is where the "H" came from in the Sweden programme (I have assumed it is from a middle/nickname, or it could just be a typo by the compiler, but don't know for sure!?).
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