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Bibliography - Books

The following is a list of books which have been used in the creation of this site (click on the links to buy):

Reference Books:
(Annual Publications)
Rothmans/Sky Sports Football Yearbooks (1971/72 - 2009/10 Editions) Compiled/Edited by Tony Williams, Roy Peskett, Leslie Vernon, Jack Rollin, Peter Dunk, Glenda Rollin.
Football League Club Directory (1986 & 1989 Editions) Edited by Tony Williams
The Official Football League Yearbook (1991 Edition) Edited by Barry J. Hugman
Panini's Football Yearbook (1988/89 & 1989/90 Editions) Edited by Peter Dunk
The Daily Telegraph Football Yearbook (87/88 Edition) Edited by Jack Rollin & Norman Barrett
The Official Football Association Yearbook (1984/85 Edition)
Playfair Football Annual (1955/56 - 2000/01 Editions) Edited by Albert Sewell, J.T. Bolton, John Camkin, Peter Dunk, Lionel Francis, Jack Rollin, Glenda Rollin
Playfair Football Who's Who (2000 Edition) Jack Rollin
The PFA Footballers Fact File/Who's Who (1995/96 - 2006/07 Editions) Barry J. Hugman

Gamages Association Football Annual (1921/22 Edition) Edited by Alfred Davis, H.R. McDonald
Sunday Chronicle / Empire News / News of the World Football Annual (1947/48 - 2004/05 Editions) Edited by Harold Mayes, Ivan Sharpe, David Jack, Frank Butler, Malcolm Gunn, Patrick Collins
News Chronicle Football Annual (1950/51 - 1961/62 Editions) Edited by Charles Buchan, John Camkin, Frank Taylor
Daily Worker Football Annual (1948/49 Edition) Edited by F.W. Deards & Fulton Geddes
Sport Association Football Yearbook - The Blue Book of Soccer (1949 Edition)
Sporting Record Football Annual (1951/52 Edition) Edited by Harold King
Daily Mail Football Guide (1959/60 Edition) Edited by Roy Peskett
BBC Sport Match of the Day Football Yearbook (2004/05 Edition) Compiled by Terry Pratt
Irish Sports Almanac (1999 Edition) Edited by Damian Dowds
Irish Association Football Guide (1951/52 - 1969/70 Editions) Compiled and Edited by Bill Irwin.

The (Belfast Telegraph/Daily Mirror) Northern Ireland Soccer Yearbook (1969/70 - 2009/10 Editions) Edited by Malcolm Brodie, Ronald Rosser.
Irish Football Yearbook / Northern Ireland Football Yearbook / Northern Ireland Players Directory / Official Irish League Yearbook (1990/91 - 2003/04 Editions) Edited by Marshall Gillespie
Irish Football Handbook (1991/92 - 1994/95 Editions) Edited by Dave Galvin & Gerry Desmond
The Supporters' Guide to Irish Football (1997 & 1998 Editions) Edited by John Robinson
The Supporters' Guide to Northern Irish Football (2006 & 2007 Editions) Edited by John Robinson
The Supporters' Guide to Eircom FAI Clubs (2006 Edition) Edited by John Robinson
Virgin FA Carling Premiership Pocket Annual (97/98 Edition) Bruce Smith

(Other Reference Books)
Football - The Complete Facts, Stats and Records (1998) Kier Radnedge
Football League Players' Records 1888-1939 (2004) Michael Joyce
Soccer: The International Line-Ups & Statistics Series - Northern Ireland 1882-1997 (1998) Edited by Michael Robinson, Statistics by Marshall Gillespie
Rothmans Football League Players Records - The Complete A-Z 1946-1981 (1981) Compiled by Barry J. Hugman
PFA Premier & Football League Players' Records 1946-2005 (2005) Edited & Compiled by Barry J. Hugman, Asst Editors Michael Featherstone, Michael Joyce & Alan Platt
Rothmans Book of Football League Records 1888/89 to 1978/79 (1980) Ian Laschke
Century of English International Football 1872-1972 (1972) Morley Farror & Douglas Lamming
Football in Northern Ireland - A Statistical Record 1881-2005 (2005) Alex Graham
Football in the Republic of Ireland - A Statistical Record 1921-2005 (2005) Alex Graham
England Schoolboys International Players' Records 1907-99 (1999) Edited by Gavin Willacy
British and Irish Special and Intermediate Internationals (2002) Edited by Keith Warsop
The British Home Football Championship 1884-1984 (2003) Compiled by Richard Samuel
The Complete Results & Line-Ups of the Olympic Football Tournaments 1900-2004 (2004) Colin Jose
The Encyclopaedia of Association Football (1957) Compiled by Maurice Golesworthy
50 Years of FA Cup Finals 1883-1932 (1932) Edited by Mike Ross (modern re-print)
Pictorial History of English Football (1998) Robert Jeffery with Mark Gonnella
The Sixties Revisited (1992) Jimmy Greaves with Norman Giller
The Seventies Revisited (1994) Kevin Keegan with Norman Giller
Scottish League Players' Records Division One 1890/91-1938/39 (2007) Steve Emms & Richard Wells

Scottish League Players' Records Division One 1946/47-1974/75 (2004) Richard Beal & Steve Emms
Scottish League Players' Records Premier Division & Premier League 1975/76-1999/2000 (2002) Steve Emms

The Breedon Book of Scottish Football Records (1995) Gordon Smailes
Soccer at War: British Football and Footballers During World War Two (2005) Jack Rollin
Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (2007) Donal Cullen

General Books about (Northern) Irish Football:
100 Years of Irish Football (1980) Malcolm Brodie
Six Glorious Years - Following Northern Ireland 1980-86 (1994) Ronnie Hanna
The Eleven (1997)
Coming Home - A Tribute to Northern Ireland International Football (2000) Alan McMurdy
Association Football and Society in Pre-Partition Ireland (2004) Neal Garnham
The Irish Football Association 125 Years - The History (2005) Compiled/Edited by Malcolm Brodie & Billy Kennedy
There's Always One - 10 Years of Watching Northern Ireland (2005) Shaun Schofield
Northern Ireland's Greats - 100 Top Football Heroes (2005) Dean Hayes
Northern Ireland: International Football Facts (2006) Dean Hayes

The Fermanagh & Western FA Centenary Dinner Booklet (2007)

General Football Books:
Terry Venables' Football Heroes (2001) Terry Venables with Jane Nottage & Alex Montgomery
One Cap Wonders: The Ultimate Claim to Football Fame (2001) Grahame Lloyd

Living to Play: From Soccer Slaves to Socceratti - A Social History of the Professionals (2003) John Harding with Gordon Taylor

Club Histories:
(by Club)

- Red and Blue Heaven: A Comprehensive History of (2007) Ivor Edgar
- Player by Player (1998) Ivan Ponting
- Green Gunners: Arsenal's Irish (1991) Stephen McGarrigle
Aston Villa
- Who's Who of (2004) Tony Matthews
Belfast Celtic
- Paradise Lost and Found (1999) Padraig Coyle
Birmingham City
- The Blues Who's Who (2003) Tony Matthews
Blackburn Rovers

- Rovers Now and Then - An A-Z (2003) Dean Hayes
- An A-Z (1993) Dean Hayes
Cardiff City
- The Who's Who of (2006) Dean Hayes
- An Alphabet of the Celts (1994) Eugene McBride & Martin O'Connor with George Sheridan
- Player by Player (1998) Peter Lovering
- Who's Who of (2005) Tony Matthews
Coventry City

- An A-Z (2000) Dean Hayes
Derby County
- Who's Who of... (2004) Gerald Mortimer
Derry City
- A History of... 1929-1972 (1986) W.H.W. Platt

- Eddie McMahon's Derry City (c.2003) Eddie McMahon
- The History of... - The First Hundred Years (2003) Jim Murphy
- Player by Player
(1998) Ivan Ponting
- Who's Who of (2004) Tony Matthews
- The Men Who Made... - The League Years (2001) Roger Triggs
- A Complete Record (2001) Roy France
Grimsby Town

- Mariner Men... - Who's Who 1892-2007 (2007) Rob Briggs & Dave Wherry
Huddersfield Town
- The Light at the End of the Tunnel: An A-Z (2004) Tony Matthews
Hull City
- Who's Who of ... 1904-84 (1984) Douglas Lamming
Ipswich Town
- The Who's Who of (2006) Dean Hayes
Leeds United
- Player by Player (1992) Andrew Mourant
- 100 Years (1985) Malcolm Brodie
Lisburn Distillery
- The Whites - A History Of... (2004) Dawson Simpson
- Pocket Annual 95-96 (1995) Edited by Peter Fitzpatrick
- The Anfield Encyclopedia (1995 Ed.) Stepen F. Kelly
- Player by Player (1996 Ed.) Ivan Ponting
- The Hamlyn Illustrated History of... (1997 Ed.) Stephen F. Kelly
- The Official Fans' Guide (1997) David Walmsley
- Factfile (1998) Hugh & Ian Westbrook
- Who's Who of (2006) Tony Matthews
- The Liverpool Story (1978) Derek Hodgson
Manchester United
- Player by Player (1994) Ivan Ponting
- United Irishmen (1998) Chris Moore

- The Who's Who of (2007) Dave Allen, Graham Bell, Gordon Cox, Claire Foy, Harry Glasper, Peter Harris, Dean Hayes, Mark Hooper, Nathan Judah, Mike McGreary & Dave Robson
Norwich City
- An A-Z (1998) Dean Hayes
Nottingham Forest
- The Forest Who's Who (2004) Tony Matthews
Notts Couty
- Meadow Lane Men: The Complete Who's Who 1888-2005 (2005) Garth Dykes
Oldham Athletic

- The Who's Who of (2008) Garth Dykes
Preston North End
- The Who's Who of (2006) Dean Hayes

- Heroes In Hoops: ...Who's Who (2003) John Marks
- Player by Player (1997) Bob Ferrier & Robert McElroy
- All-Time Greats (1998 Ed.)
- Factfile (1998) John Scott
Stoke City
- Who's Who of (2005) Tony Matthews

- All The Lads: A Complete Who's Who of 1884-2000 (2000) Garth Dykes & Doug Lamming
Tottenham Hotspur
- Player By Player (1993) Ivan Ponting

- The White Hart Lane Encyclopedia (1996) Dean Hayes
Tranmere Rovers

- A Complete A-Z (1999) Dean Hayes
West Bromwich Albion
- 100 Greats (2002) Tony Matthews
- Who's Who of (2005) Tony Matthews
West Ham

- Who's Who Of... (2005) Tony Hogg
Wigan Athletic
- Who's Who of... in the Football League 1978-2004 (2004) Dean P. Hayes

(by Player)
George Best
- Blessed (2003) George Best with Roy Collins
- Scoring At Half Time (2003) George Best with Martin Knight
Billy Bingham
- Soccer With the Stars (1962) Billy Bingham
- Billy: Biography of Billy Bingham (1986) Robert Allen
Danny Blanchflower
- Danny Blanchflower's Soccer Book (1959) Danny Blanchflower
- The Double And Before. The Autobiography (1961) Danny Blanchflower
- A Biography of A Visionary (1997) Dave Bowler
Peter Doherty
- Spotlight on Football (1948) Peter Doherty
Derek Dougan
- Doog Doog (1980) Derek Dougan
- The Sash He Never Wore... Twenty Five Years On (1997) Derek Dougan
Harry Gregg
- Harry's Game (2002) Harry Gregg with Roger Anderson
David Healy

- The Story So Far (2007) Ivan Martin
Willie Irvine
- Together Again (2005) Willie Irvine with Dave Thomas
Pats Jennings

- Pat Jennings: An Autobiography (1983) Pat Jennings with Reg Drury
Sammy McIlroy
- Manchester United: My Team (1980) Sammy McIlroy
Peter McParland
- Going For Goal (1960) Peter McParland
Terry Neill
- Revelations of a Football Manager (1985) Terry Neill
Martin O'Neill
- The Biography (2003) Alex Montgomery
Lawrie Sanchez

- The Northern Ireland Years (2007) Heather Jan Brunt
Norman Whiteside
- My Memories of Man Utd (2003) Norman Whiteside
- Determined (2007) Norman Whiteside


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