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Welcome to NI Footballing Greats - Home of Legends!
  Since 2006 NIFG has developed into an invaluable source of information on the players who have shaped Northern Ireland's footballing fortunes since 1882 - a tribute to the good, the bad and Iain Dowie! 

Please check back regularly as the site continues to grow, and if you have any memories, comments or (God forbid) corrections on any of the featured players, please feel free to share them using the comments form (at the bottom of each article) or by emailing us
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Anonymous said…
I stumbled upon this site looking for something completely different.

A superb national resource for our wee country! Great work.
hnisc said…
Great site which has required huge amounts of time to prepare.

Hopefully see it with a dedicated website in the near future? Perhaps
jcd said…
I'd welcome anyone who could come and help me through my chronic lack of web building knowledge. A bespoke website would be a dream!

Unknown said…
Please check the Christy Martin profile. Con Martin comes up there as well as at his own.

Marvellous site albeit.
jcd said…
Thanks Keith,

Where you trying to follow the link on the Dual Internationals page (

If so that's been fixed. If it was somewhere else, please let me know.

Unknown said…
Belfast: Tears and Laughter: 1957-1977

A new book available from Alan Croft, grandson of the famous Tucker Croft

Thomas "Tucker" Croft was an Irish international footballer who played professionally in Ireland and the United States as an inside right.
Croft also represented Ireland at international level between 1922 and 1924, scoring one goal in three appearances. The goal was the winning goal in a 2-1 victory against England, in 1923 and marked the first win for Ireland over England following the advent of the partition of Ireland in 1922.
Hannah Weston said…
Football is my favorite game. 95% people in the world love football.
ken said…
PRE-WORLD WAR I nb. only IFA until FAI formed in 1921

Goalkeeper – Elisha Scott
Defence – Bill McCracken, Jack Reynolds, Patrick Joseph O’Connell, Billy Cook
Midfield – Alec Stevenson, Bill Lacey, , Peter Doherty ©, Patsy Gallacher
Forwards – Billy Gillespie, Jimmy Dunne


Goalkeeper – Harry Gregg or Pat Jennings
Defence – Pat Rice, Johnny Carey (if IFA only Allan Hunter), Jack Vernon, Alf McMichael
Midfield – Jimmy McIlroy, Danny Blanchflower ©, Bertie Peacock, Charlie Tully
Forwards – George Best, Peter McParland


Goalkeeper – Elisha Scott
Defence – Bill McCracken, Jack Reynolds, Jack Vernon, Alf McMichael
Midfield – Patsy Gallacher, Danny Blanchflower, Johnny Carey, Peter Doherty
Forwards – George Best, Jimmy Dunne
Reserves – Harry Gregg or Pat Jennings, Billy Cook, Patrick Joseph O’Connell, Con Martin, Jimmy McIlroy, Charlie Tully, Bertie Peacock, Bill Lacey, Billy Gillespie, Peter McParland

Best world cup player Harry Gregg but kept out of best X1 by E Scott
Best captain Danny Blanchflower ken breakey