4 March 2018

Northern Ireland Players in the English Top Flight

The Holy Grail for any local footballer, or indeed many footballers from across the globe, is to make it to the English Premier League. Not only can you face some of the biggest names in world football, you can also earn fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams! Although the pay scales have increased seemingly exponentially since the Premier League was founded in 1992, the target of playing for an Arsenal or a Manchester United has been a constant for decades.

Here we look at the Northern Ireland international players who have featured in the Football League First Division or the Premier League from one season per decade over the past seventy years...

- 1946/47 - 1956/57 - 1966/67 - 1976/77 - 1986/87 - 1996/97 - 2006/07 - 2016/17 -

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