17 July 2016

Spirit of '58

This afternoon I spent an enjoyable few hours chatting with Evan Marshall, the man behind the Spirit of '58 documentary and book. We covered all of football history from that glorious 50s era through the ups-and-downs of the intervening near-60 years right up to our most recent successes and the World Cup qualifying campaign ahead. We also talked about his forthcoming projects that will cover the halcyon days of Billy Bingham's team of the 1980s and the inherent vagaries of documentary production.

Although it is highly unlikely that the Spirit of '58 documentary will see a wider release, there are plans to show it to limited audiences, so should the opportunity present itself please look out for those. The Spirit of '58 book is available to buy online or at all good bookshops across the country.

Good look to Evan for his forthcoming projects which should become available to the public in 2017. Keep up to date by following Clackity Films on Facebook and Twitter.

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