13 January 2011

Northern Ireland's Greatest Ever Football Team

The Greatest Northern Ireland Team as voted for by followers of OWC blog...

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Green & White Army said...

Most voters unfortunately do not know too much about our country's footballing history hence the lack of players pre 1958 in the result.

Still a great side and would give anyone a run for their money!

Similar to NIFG ?

jcd said...

Really not that much difference between the two! Eight players the same.

I really think the 80s is a bit under represented (no Whiteside or Armstrong). Aaron Hughes seems to be recentism (hardly ahead of McClelland, Chris Nicholl or even McDonald). Similarly, I think Jackie Blanchflower might be a sympathy vote.

Perhaps most controversially, I wouldn't have Best in the team, the best ever player from NI - YES, NI's best player - NO. Bingham and McParland would be my wingers.

Two great sides either way, would love to have seen them all take the field!

Green & White Army said...

Can we say Peter Doherty was a Northern Ireland great (or just a footballing great) considering his lack of games for his country (through no fault of his own obviously)?

I would agree with Jackie Blanchflower and I would also argue that votes are generally based on what is remembered rather than facts i.e. I've seen Steven Davis play so he gets my vote.

I think all 'greatest' results will be flawed in some maner.

jcd said...

"I think all 'greatest' results will be flawed in some maner."

Really the crux of it all - fun though"

Anonymous said...

This has been updated including the YouTube video...


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