20 September 2010

Northern Ireland Senior Women in Minor Tournaments

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2000 Celt Cup (Carryduff)
Northern Ireland Women, September 2000 (Bangor Ladies FC)
Back: Rhoda Cassidy (Amazons), Sara Booth (Amazons), Leanne Jamieson (Predators), Maggie Tolan (BU), Lucy Fegan (Amazons), Elaine Roden (Newtownabbey), Rosie Clarke (Amazons), Lorraine Wright (Newtownabbey), Cathy Ferran (Dungannon)
Front: Lindsay McCormick (Amazons), Wendy Bailie (Amazons), Sharon Campbell (BU), Mairead McLaughlin (Dungannon), Cathy Wilson (Predators), Lynn Baird (Amazons)
Rep. Ireland 1-0 Scotland
N. Ireland.. 7-0 Isle of Man (or 6-0)

Third Place Play-Off

Scotland... 27-0 Isle of Man

Rep. Ireland 2-0 N. Ireland

2004 Algarve Cup
Day 1
Denmark... 0-1 Sweden
USA....... 5-1 France
Norway.... 4-1 Finland
Italy..... 1-0 China
Portugal.. 2-0 N. Ireland

Greece.... 1-0 Wales

Day 2

USA....... 1-0 Denmark
Sweden.... 0-3 France
Norway.... 3-0 Italy
China..... 4-0 Finland
Portugal.. 2-3 Wales
N. Ireland 0-2 Greece

Day 3

Denmark... 0-1 France
Sweden.... 3-1 USA
Norway.... 0-0 China
Finland... 1-2 Italy
Wales..... 3-1 N. Ireland
Portugal.. 3-0 Greece

USA....... 4-1 Norway
Third Place Match
France.... 3-3 Italy (4-3 on pens)
Fifth Place Match

Sweden.... 1-1 China
Seventh Place Match

Portugal.. 0-1 Denmark
Ninth Place Match

Wales..... 0-4 Finland
Eleventh Place Match

Greece.... 2-0 N. Ireland

2005 Algarve Cup

To follow.

2011 Cyprus Cup

2012 Cyprus Cup

2013 Cyprus Cup
NI Women - 2013 Cyprus Cup Squad (Roy Cathcart)
Details to follow.

2015 Istria Cup (Croatia)
NI Women - 2015 Istria Cup Squad (Roy Cathcart)
Danielle Ennis, Lauren Brennan, Jessica Foy, Annie Timoney, Hayley Crackle, Clare Timoney, Chelsea Myles
Johnny Pedlow, ?, Catherine Hyndman, Marissa Callaghan, Lauren Wade, Aoife Lennon, Ellie Butterwick, Chloe McCarron, Alison Smyth, ?, ?
Tiarna McKenna, Kirsty McGuinness, Ashley Hutton, Alfie Wylie (manager), Lynsay Corry (coach), Julie Nelson, Danielle McDowell, Emma Higgins
Group B
N. Ireland 0-2 Poland
N. Ireland 0-1 Romania
N. Ireland 1-2 Croatia

11th/12th Place Play-Off
N. Ireland 0-0 Bosnia [4-5 pens]

2016 Istria Cup (Croatia)
NI Women - 2016 Istria Cup Squad (Roy Cathcart)
Samantha Kelly, Victoria Carleton, Rachel Newborough, Catherine Hyndman, Kerry Taggart, Kerry Montgomery, Alex Newman, Jessica Foy, Beth McCoy, Courtney Moore
Jade Lyndsay, Aoife Lennon, Kirsty McCaughtry, Marissa Callaghan, Alfie Wylie (manager), Julie Nelson (captain), Jacqueline Burns, Kirsty McGuinness, Lauren Brennan

02-03-2016 N. Ireland 0-1 Slovakia
04-03-2016 N. Ireland 1-0 Croatia
07-03-2016 N. Ireland - Hungary B


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