12 April 2009

22 June 1980

(Friendly match)

Referee: Barry Harwood (Perth)
Attendance/Venue: 2,631, West Australian Cricket Ground (WACA), Perth
Goals: (NI) Armstrong, Cochrane 2, J. O’Neill

Northern Ireland:
Jim Platt (Middlesborough)
...[sub: George Dunlop (Linfield)] --
Jimmy Nicholl (Manchester United)
Chris Nicholl (Southampton)
...[sub: David McCreery (Queen’s Park Rangers)] --
John O’Neill (Leicester City)
John McClelland (Mansfield)
Martin O’Neill (Nottingham Forest) --
Tommy Cassidy (Newcastle United)
...[sub: Tom Sloan (Manchester United)]
Terry Cochrane (Middlesborough)
Gerry Armstrong (Tottenham Hotspur)
...[sub: Tom Finney (Cambridge)]
Colin McCurdy (Linfield)
...[sub: Billy Hamilton (Burnley)]
Noel Brotherston (Blackburn Rovers)
Captain: Martin O'Neill
Manager: Billy Bingham

Western Australia:

The Northern Ireland squad prior to the final match of their Centenary Tour to Australia
Back row: Billy Bingham, Derek Wade, Malcolm Brodie, Billy Hamilton, Colin McCurdy, Derek Spence, Chris Nicholl, George Dunlop, Jim Platt, Jimmy Nicholl, John McClelland, John O'Neill, Gerry Armstrong, Bobby McGregor, Sammy Walker, David Bowen, Jack Balmer.
Front row: Tommy Cassidy, Bryan Hamilton, David McCreery, Tommy Finney, Martin O'Neill, Terry Cochrane, Tom Sloan, Noel Brotherston
By George Glass

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