12 April 2009

12 September 1942

(Friendly Match)

Attendance/Venue: 35,000, Windsor Park, Belfast (Recepts: £1,699-6-6)
Goals: (Ireland) McCartney, Cochrane, Carey; (Army) Herd, Lawton

Thomas Breen (Linfield) --
William McMillen (Belfast Celtic)
Malcolm Partridge Butler (Blackpool) --
Harry Walker (Belfast Celtic)
John Vernon (Belfast Celtic)
Thomas Brolly (Linfield) --
David Cochrane (Linfield)
James McAlinden (Belfast Celtic)
Johnny Carey (Manchester United)
Peter Dermot Doherty (Manchester City)
Samuel McCartney (Linfield)

British Army:
Frank Swift (Manchester City) --
Jimmy Carabine (Third Lanark)
Joe Bacuzzi (Fulham) --
Clifford Samuel Britton (Everton)
Stan Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Joseph Mercer (Everton) --
Ralph Birkett (Newcastle United)
Alexander Herd (Manchester City)
Thomas Lawton (Everton)
Gordon Hutton Bremner (Arsenal)
James Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

By George Glass

The idea of an Ireland vs Army fixture was first discussed in the Irish FA Emergency committee meeting of 5th September 1940, to raise money for the Army FA for purchasing football equipment. The gate money (minus expenses) was split between the IFA and the Army FA.

From this match the army received £688-16-7.

Ground rent of £287-16-2 was paid to Linfield for the use of Windsor Park.

Additional details sourced from Irish FA Finance Committee minutes by Robin Peake.

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Unknown said...

Hello. Cullis did not play. His place was taken by Liverpool's Matt Busby.

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