1 October 2008

Jack Reid

Name: John Reid
Position: Forward/Back

Representative Honours: Ireland: 6 Full Caps (1883-1890).
Club Honours: (with Ulster) Irish Cup Winner 1886/87; Runner-Up 1882/83.

Club Career:

Twice an Irish Cup finalist and six times an international player, Jack Reid later became an international referee, Secretary of the Irish FA from 1888-1905 and a champion for the introduction of the penalty kick in 1891.

More to follow.

Ireland Cap Details:
24-02-1883 England. A L 0-7 FR
09-02-1884 Wales... A L 0-6 BC
18-02-1887 Scotland A L 1-4 BC
27-04-1889 Wales... H L 1-3 BC
08-02-1890 Wales... A L 2-5 BC
29-03-1890 Scotland H L 1-4 BC

Summary: 6/0. Won 0, Drew 0, Lost 6.

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