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The Greatest Polls

Over the coming months NIFG will be running polls to find Northern Ireland's greatest ever side. Please vote from the selection on the left-hand side...

Players will be selected in the following categories to play in a classic 4-4-2 formation. The line-up has now been decided - still a few more polls to go!

Results to date:
Winner Billy Bingham (74%)
From Peter Doherty, Billy Bingham, Lawrie Sanchez, Nigel Worthington.

Winner Pat Jennings (80%)
From Elisha Scott, Harry Gregg, Pat Jennings, Tommy Wright, Maik Taylor.

Full-Backs (x2):
Winners Mal Donaghy (46%) and Pat Rice (42%)
From Bill McCracken, Alf McMichael, Alex Elder, Dave Craig, Pat Rice, Jimmy Nicholl, Sammy Nelson, Mal Donaghy, Nigel Worthington.

Centre-Backs (x2):
Winners Jackie Blanchflower (37%) and Aaron Hughes (25%)
From Jackie Blanchflower, Terry Neill, Allan Hunter, Chris Nicholl, John O'Neill, John McClelland, Alan McDonald, Gerry Taggart, Barry Hunter, Aaron Hughes, Stephen Craigan.

Midfielders (x2):
Winners Danny Blanchflower (57%) and Martin O'Neill (38%)
From Danny Blanchflower, Bertie Peacock, Jimmy Nicholson, Martin O'Neill, Sammy McIlroy, Dave McCreery, Norman Whiteside, Michael O'Neill, Jim Magilton, Neil Lennon, Damien Johnson.

Wingers (x2):
Winners George Best (75%) and Charlie Tully/Billy Bingham (tied on 11% - Bingham won thanks to OWC contributors)
From Charlie Tully, Billy Bingham, Peter McParland, George Best, Michael Hughes, Keith Gillespie, Kevin Wilson.

Forwards (x2):
Winners David Healy (60%) and Joe Bambrick (21%)
From Billy Gillespie, Joe Bambrick, Peter Doherty, Derek Dougan, Jimmy McIlroy, Gerry Armstrong, Billy Hamilton, Jimmy Quinn, Colin Clarke, Iain Dowie, David Healy.


Anonymous said…
Couldn't find complete results for goalkeeper, might you help? Curious about Scott and Gregg votes...
What a great work here!
jcd said…
Sadly I deleted the full results by accident (d'oh!). However, Pat won and Harry Gregg came second. Unfortunately the %s for Gregg, Scott and co are lost forever.