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The Swans Connection

The following players appeared for (Northern) Ireland while playing with Swansea City:

Hughie Blair..... 1
Ronnie Briggs.... 1
Jimmy Feeney..... 1
Billy Humphries.. 3
Rory Keane....... 1
Jim McLaughlin... 7
Jackie O'Driscoll 3

Other (Northern) Ireland internationals to play for Swansea:
Hugh Flack
Alex Steele
Jackie Coulter
Norman Lockhart
Sammy McCrory
Robbie Dennison (on loan)
Pat McGibbon
Warren Feeney (jr) (on loan)

Other links:
Paul Agnew, an Under-23 and Youth cap, briefly played fpr the Swans late in his career.
Billy McCandless was manager at Swansea from 1947 until his death in 1955.