23 July 2010

The Dublin Association Connection

Dublin's first football club, Association were short-lived but relatively successful...

Full Name: Dublin Association Football Club
Founded: 1883
Disbanded: 1890

Club Honours:
Irish Cup best season 1889/90 semi-finals

A Brief History:
The Dublin Association Football Club was founded in 1883 after a meeting at Tyrone Place (now Cathedral Street), Dublin. Association was included in the title to denote that the specifically played "soccer" rather than the rugby or gaelic codes. They played in the first "Dublin Derby" against Dublin University on 7th November 1883, triumphing 4-0. In the years that followed many graduates from the Dublin University team went on to play for Dublin Association. Their first entry into the Irish Cup was during the 1883/84 season. In 1890 they disbanded following their Irish Cup semi-final match against Cliftonville. The initial match resulted in a 3-2 defeat, but the Dublin-club protested that one of the match officials was a member of Cliftonville. The Irish FA ordered a replay, which Cliftonville duly won 4-2. Again the Dublin Association appealed the result, claiming "hometown" decisions were responsible for their defeat. This time however the IFA refused to intervene and Dublin Association folded, unwilling to accept the dictates of "biased officials". Many of the clubs' players joined the newly formed Leinster Nomads.

Players Capped by the Irish FA While Playing for DAFC:
Hamilton W.D. 1 (1885)
Hamilton W.J. 1 (1885)

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